Monday, October 13, 2008

Wii Mania

Okay, you all know that I have two little girls, right? So I want to know, what happened to the princesses and ponies that they're supposed to be playing with?

Seriously, Stinkerbell looks so cute in her little brown corduroys with the embroidered pink flowers and the pink shirt.

Until you see the gun. Somehow it just kills the whole look I was going for.

And I blame this.

Peanut Head got a Wii for his birthday and Stinkerbell is addicted to it. Not only is she addicted, but she seems to have acquired this scary little maniacal laugh while she's playing.

It's eery.

Oh look, here's Daddy, watching his baby and giving her pointers.

Except that whenever he tries to tell her anything she says "I kno-ow," in her disgusted voice as if to say "Duh."

He's so proud.

Stinkerbell is in such a Wii fog that she doesn't even know the game belongs to her Daddy.

I guess I should at least be happy that she wrote him a thank you note.

And would you look at this? Even Aunt Marcia has been lured into the Wii Frenzy.

Hmmm. Maybe while they're all occupied, I could go and chop down that blasted apple tree.


  1. What in the heck are you doing up so late???? So, I read your canning blogs. HA HA!!! They made me laugh. This year was my first year too. I am glad I didn't read that canning book. My good friend did and she is just as scared as you. I even tried canning salsa and the recipe from the book had so much vinegar in it, I thought, why not just drink it straight... YUCK!! The recipe my friend was scared of trying tasted much better. Let's just hope that none of us get sick off of these amatuer bottled foods!!! Good luck!

  2. Maybe you can get the girls pink and purple guns...

  3. sure this is just the beginning of the WII frenzy. lol. Video games are a trap = S


  4. What manners! A thank you note? that's awesome:-)

  5. Hi! I just noticed today that you left a comment on an eariler post of mine about the chore chart. If you click on the picture, it will show you an up close picture. I love your blog! And I love the title! LOL!!! How perfect is that!? I'll be checking back often. :) Jennifer

  6. How funny! We have been trying to decide if we would play the Wii enough to get one. Lexi won't hardly play video games. An occasional play on her Nintendo DS or Guitar Hero so we are kind of leary.

    Oh, I would LOVE to have that apple tree....I'll take your applesauce over the skin on one.

  7. The Wii is crazy addicting... I want Wii Fit... Christmas time...I love your blog!