Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't worry Mattie Cake, I AM Alive!

Mattie Cake posted a comment saying that she was worried because I haven't yet posted today. I took awhile to recover from Croptoberfest. I slept until after noon which was wonderful. I tend to be a slacker on Sundays anyway. In fact, I'm contemplating giving myself Sundays off and making Mondays my recipe post day instead.

So, Croptoberfest went very well. I had a great group of people and we had so much fun. I ended up staying up after everyone left because I was feeling great, not tired at all, and I wanted to finish a project I had started after we ate dinner. You'll get to see that for tomorrow's post . . . um, in about 40 minutes. Hee hee.

Here are some pictures and a recipe to share from Croptoberfest 2008.

This is Janae, caught off guard because that is the only way I can get her picture. Like Renee, she is an unwilling participant in my photo gallery.

Would you look at that mess! Scrapbookers have so much stuff.

Left to right, Penny, Heather and Alyssa are hard at work.

And there's Julie, next to Penny, texting like a teenager.

Alyssa again, and her stunning mother, Janet.

Jana and Renee giving me "the look." Oh crap, I'm not feeling so hot.

Katie-Did, Janae and Smashley in the background.

And finally, your recipe card.

This Ham Ball recipe came from Clark's cousin, Ronda, out in Iowa. Thanks, Ronda, everyone loved the Ham Balls.

Unless you live in the Midwest, you probably won't be able to find the ground ham and will have to grind it yourself. It's not that bad though, especially if you have the grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer, or it's equivalent.



  1. It sounds like a success!! Awesome job:-)

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  3. I am glad you have recovered. Next time I am coming put me on the list now. I miss it.

  4. Thanks again for all of your hard work. Everything was perfect and again you are an amazing woman. We loved spending the day at your house. Not really sure that the word "stunning" and my name EVER belong in the same sentence. :)