Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall/Halloween Chipboard Decor

This is the little chipboard hanging that I made during my Croptoberfest crop. I've been wanting to do this project for over a year now, and I was so excited to finally start it, and then to finish it the same evening. Morning. Whatever. I'm a night owl, that's for sure.

Anyway, last year I got my all-time favorite fall and Halloween pictures of the girls, so for sure I was going to use them for my project. I also used some really cute Halloween paper from Stampin' Up that Renee gave me.

On one side I have the pumpkin patch pictures and on the flip side are pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes.

Square one, Zoe Bug looks the same as she did when she was a baby, only bigger. Her eyes hypnotize me.

Square two, sitting on pumpkins.

Square three, the gorgeous pumpkins. I love orange.

Annika looking sweet and innocent (Ha!). Can you see the fingerpaint still on her hands?

Side two is the Halloween side.

The pirate and her witch sidekick.

Zoe with her sword, or cutlass as the Renaissance Woman informs me.


The cutest little witch I ever saw.


  1. Very, very cute!! What an awesome decoration and keepsake!

    As for the comments that you left on my blog, the contest that Bakerella participates in is for anybody anywhere because it is all on the internet. It is called Iron Cupcake: Earth and all the details are on their website. So, you could play if you wanted to.

    The one I play in is Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee and that one is local because you have to be present to win.

  2. That is sooooo CUTE!!!! I LOVE how you did it on both sides. Both of your girls are just ADORABLE!!!

    To answer you question the little goodie bags came from Walmart.

  3. That is very, very adorable! I am anxiously awaiting a tutorial. ;)

  4. Hi Jill.. the ever talented YOU!!!!
    You've got heaps of time to do beautiful stuff..!!!!
    Keep it up....

    BTW I am hosting a TOY HUNT ... its on now,, you might wanna join in ...

    May you have a very Creative week!!!!
    see yah