Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Here! It's Here!

My new Passion Pink Card Cubby that I won through my entry in the September Procrastination Challenge over at Virtually Organized came today! Thanks Debbie!

The Card Cubby is an alphabetized mini-card file that's small enough to carry around in my purse, and large enough to hold all the miscellaneous cards that never seem to fit in the limited number of slots in my wallet.

Check this out . . .

It's like a mini Rolo-Dex--except it's dang cute. It comes in nine different colors and the dividers are made out of plastic so they won't get all dog-eared and nasty looking over time.

There's even a little clear window on the back for your Driver's License or business card.

And look how deep it is. I'll be able to put all kinds of stuff in here. I'm thinking I'll even file all those stray business cards I never seem to know where to put, yet don't want to throw away.

Hmmm. Do you think this is a sign that I should go out and buy a new purse to go with it?


  1. That is definitely a sign to buy a new purse!!!

  2. So glad you like it! Enjoy!

  3. Ohhh its so cute!!! yeah you need a new purse for that!!! Congrats for winning it!!!
    I did some organizing too,, here is it http://whenmomtalks.com/2008/10/organizing-my-office.html
    Just incase you havent seen it yet..
    Visiting you here to get inspired!! I love the magnetic marble that you've made.. Youre very talented!!!'have a good day!!!

  4. Jill
    Thanks for getting back to me...I thought the magnetic board was seperate from the frame... so I was confused. I am going to go check out the craft shops and see what I can find!

    The card thingee is adorable!

  5. That card cubby is really neat!!! I definitely think you need a new purse to go with it!!