Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mattie Cake's Oreos aka Whoopie Pies

After posting about Mattie Cake booing me again, I got several comments asking about her Oreos. People wanted to know if they were Whoopie Pies that she had booed me with.

Mattie Cake and I both said "Whoopie Pies? What's a Whoopie Pie?"

Next, I googled it, of course. And I found out that yes, basically Mattie Cake's Oreos are Whoopie Pies. Looking at the many recipes for Whoopie Pies out there, I've decided that I'll stick with this one from Mattie Cake because it's super easy. It uses cake mix and canned frosting, so it's a perfect last minute treat that you can make from stuff you keep in your pantry.

At least stuff I keep in my pantry.

Anyway, from my googling, I found that Whoopie Pies are also called gobs, black and whites, or bobs, and they are traditional to the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. They're made of two small, chocolate cake like cookies, with a frosting sandwiched between them.

Enough talk though, just make them so you can try them and then you'll know what all the fuss is about, because they're delicious.


  1. Cool!! Thanks for the recipe:-)

  2. I'd never had a whoopie pie until I moved to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch land right out of college. They were one of the few things I liked about Pennsylvania...

  3. That recipe looks super easy, much easier than the one I have. I'm so glad because after seeing these on here the other day I had a craving for whoopie pies. Thanks!

  4. I made this for Easter at the in-laws so I wanted something extra yummy.. These were definitely a crowd pleaser...always needed when dealing w/ the in-laws. :)
    I was wondering what kind of shortening did you use? Regular or butter flavored? I used regular and they were very tasty! Although, I love all things butter so wondered what your thoughts were on the subject. LOL :)
    Thanks for this awesome recipe.
    Oh and I also bought an extra package of icing because most of the time I never have enough icing. Not the case with this recipe--never opened up that 2nd package. Thanks!