Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chalkboard Door Command Center

Way back in July when I was blissfully enjoying my summer vacation, I got a wild hair and decided I was going to turn my garage entrance door into a chalkboard door. We had already been using the door as a catch all since it is conveniently magnetic, so why not make it a write on surface as well?

See what I mean? It was a pretty ho-hum door, but now it pops.

Since I was going to use spray paint, I had to enlist Peanut Head's help to remove the door. We lived without a door for a couple days, which was not a super big deal on account of it was July. We may have had a few more bugs than usual in the house during this time, but they're all dead now, so no biggie.

By the way have you ever used one of these awesome spray paint nozzles? I got this baby many years ago and now I won't paint without it.

And it won't work on these cans, so back to Lowe's it went. Actually, I think I went old school and used my now crippled finger because I needed this color for some other project. Using spray paint without my nozzle turns my index finger into a talon on account of I can't bend it when I'm done. Not fun.

Anyway, ADD much? I made a half-hearted attempt to clean and sand the door first, and then I gave it a coat of primer. My least favorite part of any job is the prep work and I often cheat a bit. I'm so naughty.

I gave the door several coats of the actual chalkboard paint because I wanted good coverage.

Then Peanut Head hung the door back up and there it sat for a couple days before I put the girls to work priming the door with chalk.

Now there's a nasty job which you need lots of chalk for, and preferably young, bendy people who don't mind crawling around on the floor.

In other words, not me.

It's a good thing I have young, bendy people at my disposal.

See, look how much fun they're having.

That's on account of they just got started and it was pretty fun still.

After about five minutes they tried to quit, so I had to offer lots of words of encouragement.

Such as "Suck it up, Princess!"

The fun part was decorating the door. We used Chalk Paint Markers instead of real chalk for this part because ugh, chalk dust.

I like it to look pretty and clean.

It's part of my disease.

I decorated the top because I wanted specific areas for specific things.

And I'm not very bendy anymore, so basically I claimed the sweet spot for decorating.

This is as low as I go. Now for the real art work.

 Of course it's a horse.

I don't ever want to erase this.

Don't be alarmed by the picture of the Demon there.

That's Stinkerbell's work and she's a little . . . off. I don't know how else to put it. There have been times that we've worried about her.

She's just our little weirdo and we love her to pieces.

Wait . . . is that a stick guy with a hatchet over his head? And spurting blood?

Should I be worried? Okay, I might need a number for a mental health professional.

How did I not see these things before now?

And of course the gruesome scene is couched amongst milk and cookies and a horse and a giraffe. Because where there's evil and death, you will always find milk and cookies.

This part really makes me sad though. We lost our sweet cat, Jo-Jo this week.

She is heavy in our hearts and thoughts. I miss her. :(

She was the sweetest cat.

And the cutest kitten.

And she could sleep anywhere.

Her favorite place to sleep was on Gunny Man's bed, crowding him into the wall. She likes to let it all hang out when she sleeps.

Gunny's bed isn't as warm now.

We're all pretty sad without our Jo Jo.

Well, maybe not Peanut Head. He insists he's "not a Cat Person."

Whatever, Peanut Head. That's why all cats love you and gravitate towards you.

He's really the Cat Whisperer, but probably he thinks it's not very manly to be a Cat Whisperer so he has to do it on the down low.

I'm on to him.

I think I'll get him a kitten for Christmas. As a surprise.

Not as a replacement for Jo Jo, though. She was one of a kind. Rest in peace, Jo-Jo-Rooney. We love your sweet little kitty cat heart.