Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Today was pretty crazy for me, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day so I got the girls in the car and took them to the park with my limping along camera.

The lighting wasn't perfect because the sun was out with no clouds to soften it, but we made do because who knows what will happen tomorrow.  If another gorgeous day comes along, it happens to be overcast, and I can squeeze another trip in, well then I'll jump at that chance.  If it comes.

If not, I have these.

Thing 1 was a little stiff in the leaves.  I couldn't get her to relax, which is pretty much her M.O. when it comes to picture taking.  As soon as I say "Smile Sweetie," or "Look at Mama," she goes all stiffy on me.

Thing 2 wouldn't put that darn stick down and she almost put Thing 1's eye out.

Look at that devilish little grin.

They wanted to check out the river so I just followed them.

This is the last smiling picture before Thing 2 got grouchy.

Thing 2 is out of frame because she's having a fit, so I snapped some pictures of Thing 1 for awhile.  And would you look at that smile?  I think it's because Thing 2 is having a fit and she is feeling pretty smug.  The little brat.

She's trying to keep from laughing hysterically here.

Oooh, the fit's over but we're going to pay now.  She's going to ruin all the pictures now, that'll teach us.

Maybe I can Photoshop some leaves over her face and crop the rest of her out.  Would that be too awful?

Thing 1 is beaming.

And relaxed now too.  Is that the secret?  Make the sister unhappy and she's all smiles.

"I'm NOT going to smile!"

Ever since she was a baby, when she gets mad her eyebrows turn all red and splotchy.  It's the weirdest thing.

Major meltdown now.  Ooowee!  

Can I just tell you how much these little stinkers were getting on my nerves today?  They would not stop arguing.

Did you hear that Smashley?  Smashley is under the mistaken assumption that my kids always get along and never fight.  Like they are the Stepford Kids or something.

Well she should have been around today, that's all I'm sayin.'


  1. tell them to have there bags packed and I will pick them up after school..whatever jull your the best.

  2. Beautiful pictures but it sounds like they were pushing the envelope:-)

  3. That is just too funny!!!! Oh, I can't even imagine having two girls that close in age....WHEW!!!!