Friday, May 30, 2008


What program do you use to make your recipe cards?

I currently use Photoshop Elements 13 to design my recipe cards, but you could just as easily, or easier, make them in PowerPoint. The key is to save the finished design as a jpg.

What size do you print your recipe cards and where do you print them?

I print my recipe cards as 5x7s and I usually upload them to Wal Mart and pick them up there. Sometimes I print at home, but the quality is much better at Wal Mart.

What if I upload some of your recipe cards to Wal Mart to be printed, but when I go to pick them up they won't give them to me because I don't have a copyright release?

Wal Mart can be a little copyright crazy, so if this happens just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send a copyright release letter to you. Let them try that mess on me. I'll be all "I am Controlling My Chaos. Give me my ding dang recipe cards!" On second thought, you try that and see what they say. Then e-mail me and tell me all about it. I can't wait.

Why haven't you made any recipe cards for a long time?

Well, besides the fact that I have no time anymore, I've gone completely digital with my recipes. I now use an app called Paprika, and I absolutely love it. I've been using it since the summer of 2014 and I have had no complaints. I have it on my desktop computer, my iPad, and my phone. In addition, Peanut Head, Zoe, and Annika all have it on their phones and iPads and we stay synched in the cloud. It has truly changed my life. For more info, click here.

Do you ever sleep?

All. The. Time. I love sleep. In fact, I'm going to bed right now. Night, night.