Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Family Unit and I went to see MOMIX last night. It was the girls' first theatrical event, and our first since having kids. When Peanut Head was going to school at UC Berkeley, we saw a lot of theatre and dance, so it was really nice for us to be back in this type of setting and to share it with the girls.

MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton. Let me just say, it was an amazing show. If you'd like to watch a U-Tube video of a nice sampling of the show, click here.

After one of the movements, Peanut Head turned to Marcia and asked "I bet when you came to Idaho you didn't expect to see Male Pole Dancers, did you?"

The athleticism was unbelievable. The dancers combined grace and beauty with strength and balance that defied the laws of physics and gravity. I think my absolute favorite was the portion with two dancers on skis. You're just going to have to go and watch it to see what I mean.

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