Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is my desk.  Important stuff happens here. Real important stuff.

Stuff that I can't do if I don't have my calendar with my To Do List on it.

This morning, I could not find my list and I had a little meltdown. Well, I didn't have a fit or anything, but I did do a little frantic searching and mumbling.

Seriously, it's no wonder I couldn't find the darn thing. Look at that mess!

When I couldn't find my list I knew, somehow, that I had hit rock bottom.  The only thing I knew was on my calendar in red (which means an appointment in my world), was that I was scheduled to pimp my plasma at 11:45.  That and I needed to grocery shop.  But who can think about eating when they don't know where their list is?

Well, maybe you can, but it discombobulates me.

I decided then and there that I was going to keep my appointment with my Phlebotomist John, but then I was coming straight home to clean off my desk and find my list.  

I had to come at it several times today because life kept getting in the way.  The kids wanted a snack when they got home from school.  Then they wanted dinner.  Can you believe that?  And other stuff too, but do you really care about that?  Me neither, I just need to deal with this mess.

I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if I just had one desk to lose things on, but I also have these four crop tables that are set up at all times.

I can't take them down either, because I need them. The kids do their homework on them.  I fold laundry on them. I work at them when I can't see the bottom of my desk. I dump stuff on them.

By the time Saturday night rolls around, I'm doing some pretty frantic shoving and stuffing of stuff into other areas. It's sad really.

As you can see, I'm working on Box Tops at the first table.  The first deadline for submission is October 31st and I need to wrap that up.

This is the crop table that I monopolize for my scrapbooking and crafts on Saturday evenings. Usually it's so full of my own crap that I can't share a table with anyone else.  Not that they'd want to anyway, because they find my Making Memories Carousel imposing.  Well La Dee Da!

And here's the really sad part.  This is my guest room.  It's my dumping ground.  You might be thinking that it doesn't look that bad, but remember, my sister-in-law just left so I've only just started taking it back over.

If I don't want to deal with it or make a decision about it, it gets dumped in here.

This is one of the baskets sitting on the bed.  It's a jumbled mess of ideas for things I want to make.  Crafty things.  And things I need to put away but I don't know where yet.

Eeek!  I just walked around the corner of the bed and found these piles on the floor.  These are pending piles or in baskets.  More like dump it in and forget about it baskets.  I have learned that I cannot be trusted with bins like this.

They are really Procrastination Dumpsters.

And they tend to multiply.

So I can't have them.


I really need to take care of those.

But first things first.  I got the desk cleaned off. And I found my list.  Yay!  I'm so exciteeeee . . . What the heck?!!!!  What is that thing sitting on the left side of my desk?

It's a Procrastination Dumpster! Somebody quick! Light it on fire!


  1. That is too funny!! You and I are cut from the same cloth! I need my list. I can't think in a mess. And I have procrastination baskets. It's a Type A sickness I think:-)

  2. Oh girl, I'm with on having all 4 tables set up in my cropping room at all times. I also sell CM, and I have to have a MAJOR overhaul of my cropping room before everyone comes over. Right now, my desk plus 3 tables are completely covered in CM stuff, "contraband" (LOL!), flowers, stamps, you name it, it's there. The 4th table is covered in Playdough. That's not counting three corners of the room that are my procrastination dumping grounds! Or maybe it's the whole room that has become my procrastination "basket". :)

  3. I LOVE seeing the REAL pictures in peoples lives!!! I am so glad everyone here in blogland does not have perfectly clean, clutterless homes...mine sure isn't!!! I love seeing all your supplies and stuff!!

  4. I love your before and after pictures of the desk. I feel so happy with a clean desk. At my job I have a pretty tidy desk, but I still manage to misplace things. I really need a better system because I drive myself nuts looking for something I just had in my hands and I usually find it on the other side of the room. I believe that things move on there own when I am not looking.

  5. HA! That is so crazy! I have a bunch of those kinds of piles all over my house too. It's like I try to be organized and put things in their proper baskets and the paper, notes and books take over! I need help too--but your desk does look very good!
    Now I feel somewhat motviated to declutter my procrastination baskets!

  6. It feels good to know that I am not the only one who has messy desk! I am still on the procrastination mode it's my daughter's semester break and I want to be lazy too! I love the before and after pics! Well done! I love how you tidy up everything!

    My tackle is up here. Happy Tuesday!

  7. I have a diagnosis for you. It's called flat-surface-itis. I suffer from it as well. You did a great job tidying that up.

  8. Funny post...great tackles! Blessings to you!

  9. LOL! Great post! My desk can never stay clean amidst school papers, bills, coupons, recipes. Ugh! Great tackle!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  10. You are a busy woman!! Your desk does look great though!!

  11. I need my lists, as well. And my calendars. My desk is a disaster and my boss will be here any minute to go over a new project with me, yet here I sit, commenting on how clean YOUR desk is. See the irony?

    Have a day!

  12. You must be my long lost sister!! I totally understand everything you said. Your desk looks amazing again, how long do you think it will last? ;)

  13. Your desk looks great! It really is good to know we're not the only ones, isn't it? I have those PB's everywhere. My goal is to weed them all out before Christmas. Now if I can just get the guys - who seem to follow behind me undoing all - to cooperate.