Friday, October 31, 2008

Rounding Up the Craft/Sewing Room

All month I've known that I wanted to tidy up and organize my craft area for Organizing Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round-Up for October, and all month long I've procrastinated. Which is why I am up into the wee hours of the morning the day that Mr. Linky goes up on her site.

So, here is my little corner of the basement where all my magic happens. Well, the crafty stuff anyway. I actually have dang near a third of the basement as my cropping tables are always set up and I have all of my Creative Memories merchandise spread out, but this little corner is the area that I hog all to myself.

This little beauty is my inspiration for getting organized.  I've been coveting this Making Memories Embellishment Center ever since I first saw it months ago. Since I was going to participate in this month's challenge, I gave myself permission to buy it--with my Robert's 40% off coupon, of course. Frankly, I couldn't afford it otherwise.

Anyway, I wanted it because I have so many little embellishments that I forget I have because I can't see them. Now that problem is solved. Actually, now it looks like I have some room to add some more, don't you think? I have a few empty jars.

I was quite pleasantly surprised that all of my craft ribbon fit on it as well, and I still have a little room to grow.

This is my other Making Memories purchase, one that I've had for awhile now. It's the craft carousel that my cropping buddies find too imposing to sit next to me and all my crap on Saturday nights.

This is the laptop that I do all my digital scrapbooking on. I'm working on learning Photoshop Elements as well, and I'll use that on our Mac. I'm not a big Windows fan, but the Creative Memories StoryBook Plus software doesn't run on Macs, and there are no plans for Mac software, something I'm not happy about because I love the software. It works very much like PhotoShop, except that it's very user friendly and intuitive.

This is all my paper. As you can see, it's bursting at the seams. I have vowed not to buy another sheet of paper until I can get another one in this thing. Yeah, right.

I have my paper sorted by color and then a few folders are by theme.

These are all my stickers, and things are not quite as bad here. I have been using this same accordian file storage system for several years now and it is the best way I've found yet to store my stickers.

The Renaissance Woman is the one that turned me onto this system. Basically I have all my stickers stored in their own folder that I can easily pull out and look through when I need to.

Before that I was using a sticker binder and I just found that it took up too much desk space and I dreaded filing things back into it because it took so long. This system is much better.

Here are my stamp sets. Don't be making fun of my labels now. I'm the Label Queen.

Here's where I keep my cards. I love these plastic drawers. I have them all over my house.

I like them because I'm too lazy to constantly take stacked stuff down. I like to just pull the drawer out, take it where I need to go, and then slide it back in when I'm done.

Here are all my punches and Custom Cutting System. I have them in these little carriers so my cropping buddies can access them as well. They're not just for me.

See, I share.

My trimmers, stamps, ink, and some other miscellaneous items.

And here are some of my completed albums. That's a lot of moola there on those shelves. Scrapbooking is not a cheap hobby.

So that's my tour. I'm looking forward to next month's challenge, the laundry room, because my laundry room is nasty. For more craft/sewing room tours, go to Organizing Junkie.


  1. Great job! Sounds like you have a pretty sweet set up!

  2. You have an amazing "corner." Calling the other half so I can show him what I would like to have :) I just found out about digital scrapbooking last night, wonder if you could send some information to my email with what you use?
    Thanks for the help!

  3. OMG. I am green with envy. Truly. I would love to have all that at my fingertips. What a fabulous set up you have!

    You are so right about scrapping not being a cheap hobby, hence the reason I do without. :( Oh, but to have the freedom to do so.... *drool*

    All the projects aside from scrapping that those supplies could be used for!! ENDLESS.


    It's a beautiful thing.

  4. Organization makes me happy! You are an inspiration. By the way, not that it is important, but I link everything about our trip to "Disney World", when in reality we saw so much more. We didn't get our Thing shirts at Disney World but at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure. They have a part of the park that is Suess Landing and is all about Dr. Suess stuff. It was so cute. Anyway that's where we got pictures with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and purchased the shirts. Just an FYI.

  5. Love all shelf with the ribbons! It just looks so fun, clean, and crafty!
    Good Work!

  6. Oh Jill! It looks FANTASTIC! What a great corner you have and I LOVE the shelves where your ribbon is! Great job!!!!!! And the reason we put this off so long is that we are just having so much fun crafting that who has time for other things!lol

  7. Great job! I love the white shelf!

    I'm a CM consultant, too! I don't have many customers, though, because I don't really 'work' the business. One of my goals for next year.

    I'll be back to visit your blog!


  8. Alot of moolah for sure. I love the way your albums look with the imprinting on the spines. I would love to do that, but just can't bring myself to spend the money. I, too, have alot of albums lined up.

    Your room is awesome! I love your ribbon organizer. My ribbon--oye. If you ever see me in a store holding a spool of ribbon, SLAP it out of my hand!

  9. Wow! I could spend hours in your craft room. It's beautiful! Being in such a clean, organized space has got to give you lots of inspiration.

  10. I am speechless!! That has got to be the best craft room I have ever seen!! Awesome!!

  11. How wonderful is this room?! I am so in love with that storage unit you purchased to hold all of your ribbon and embellishments. I have the perfect space on the wall where I could use it...I'm thinking Christmas gift, maybe?

    You did an excellent job at making your room your own and fine tuning your space so that you can be as creative as possible!

  12. Wow! You do a great job of keep that much scrapbooking and crafting stuff organized!

  13. Wow, love your craft room, and that organizer is so neat. I purchased a table and made me a ribbon hanger for the table. I like it hanging up much better than sitting in piles!!

  14. You've inspired me to reclaim my craft area. It has become a dumping ground, and needs a touch of organization!