Monday, October 6, 2008

Step Into My Salon, and I Shall Make you Over . . . Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Yesterday I had myself a nice little Sunday afternoon power nap on the couch, and I awoke to this. It's Thing 2 doing Aunt Marcia's hair.

Poor Aunt Marcia. She's here visiting from California this week, and I'm sure she wasn't expecting this.

It probably didn't help that when I woke up and saw the Kodak moment taking place, my eyebrows shot up and I jumped off the couch and ran to get my camera, all the while exclaiming, "This is going on my blog."

Why was I so excited, you may be wondering? Well, I used to be the victim of these frequent beautifying sessions and, dang it, they hurt.

It got so bad that I pleaded with my mom to buy this for Thing 2 for Christmas last year.

Which she did, thank you, Mama Lama.

This Creepy Doll Head was going to be the answer to my prayers. Or so I thought.

Thing 2 will use this, and she does, but she much prefers real humans.

So, Creepy Doll Head spends most of her time hanging out on our beat up coffee table downstairs, freaking people out everywhere she goes. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into the room, seen this thing in my peripheral vision, and jumped.


So with a new victim in the house, we're back to this, and frankly, I'm just glad it's not me.

"Ouch!" Marcia cries out. Thing 2 is a little rough. She slaps the hair brush up against the side of Marcia's face and drags it through her hair, applying maximum pressure all the way.

Then she grabs another barrette and jabs it into her hair, dragging it along her scalp, then smashing it down on her head to get it to lock on. "Ouch!" Marcia yells again.

Thing 2 doesn't offer any apologies. Nope. She keeps dispersing the barrettes as if to say "Deal with it, Sister."

"Hmmm. Look at the blank canvas that is the left side of Aunt Marcia's head, Sweetie."

"Oh yeah. I'll get that. I still have 3,642 barrettes left to go. And I have some more bows too."

We're not quite there yet.

Aunt Marcia asks for a mirror. She is denied one so as not to spoil the final effect.

There. All done. Doesn't she look pretty?

Aunt Marcia may never visit again.


  1. I think Aunt Marcia should be sainted...

  2. Hallie does the same thing. In fact, I'm thinking of getting her a creepy doll head for Christmas this year. You have a beautician on your hands!!!

  3. That is so funny!!! I think I have lost at least 1/4 of my hair to sessions like this. Mine might be worse...I have curly hair!! Ouch!