Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Don't Need No More Stinkin' Apples

The other day Peanut Head was telling me that he wants to plant another apple tree.

Over my dead body. I think we have enough apples.

In fact, "Get down off of that ladder and leave those apples alone!"

He never listens to me.

This is one of three buckets of apples from the tree in our backyard. I think we have plenty.

As a matter of fact, I'm sick of apples.

Today I made applesauce and I'm still scared about botulism. I was reading the scary book again and it said that if you have a botulism contaminated item, not only do you need to throw it away, but you need to boil it first, in the jar, and then disinfect everything it touches with a bleach solution. Including the pan you boiled it in and your kitchen.

But I still have these apples to deal with, so that's why the applesauce. What the heck.

After I made applesauce, Peanut Head made applesauce.

Except he left the skin on his apples.

I told him the girls and I won't be eating any of his nasty applesauce with all the skin bits in it. Ick!

On second thought, it is pretty.

Maybe we'll eat just a tinsy little bit.

UPDATE: We ate some of this pinkey red applesauce today and I can report that it was chewy, very tart, and I know it contained my fiber quota for the day.  In short, Thing 1 and I were gagging over it, but Peanut Head and Thing 2 loved it.


  1. I know...we are up to our armpits in apples too!!

  2. You are so lucky! Apples in Michigan are usually very affordable - but not this year! They are still selling for $3-4 per bag! We'll be making a trip to a nearby apple orchard soon so that will cut the cost down a bit.

  3. Jill you are so funny. I say Clark plant another apple tree!! Of course I had to boo you it is a tradition and I don't care if you have already been booed. Jaxon was way excited he said no way this year is jill going to catch me.. We love you guys..Mattie

  4. apples apples apples...hehe... you seem overwhelmed by them...


  5. Jill,
    I am not expert on applesauce, but with an apple orchard in our family I have had my share of apples. Here is my easy way to apple sauce learned from my grandma. Cook the apples just like dh did with the skins and buy a food mill (I have my grandmas with the hand crank on top). Then run the cooked apples and peels through it. The sauce comes through with all of the nutrients and skin stays out. No more peeling apples and saves so much time. Does give the apple sauce a more pink color.

    Another idea for all of those apples - canned apple pie filling. Yum and easy. I use it for pie, apple crisp, and just a great dessert heated with ice cream. At least apple season ends soon.

  6. Anonymous,
    Thank you for the info, it's very helpful. I'm going to have to look for a food mill for next year.