Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Things We Do for Our Blogs

I was going through all the photos on my hard drive and I came across this one. It's a chocolate graham cracker pie crust that I accidentally knocked onto the floor while frantically prepping food for Croptoberfest.

The really sad thing is that this particular picture is staged for my blog. No, no, the accident really happened, it's just that I cleaned it up right away and then I realized that I could blog about this, so I threw it back down on the floor and artfully arranged the mess so I could take the picture.

Gasp. Can you believe that?

Raise your hand if you've ever said or thought that phrase--"I could blog about this . . ."

It happens on a regular basis around here. In fact, it's so bad that my family has started responding to that look I get with "Oh no, you're not going to put this on your blog are you?"

To which I have to reply, "Why yes. Not only are you my peeps, you are my material."

Honestly, myself, my family and my friends are my best source of material. Why? Because people are funny. And people create the comedy that is our lives. If we can't laugh at ourselves (Pickle), then we aren't having fun.

When I'm 96 and sitting in my rocking chair in the nursing home, I'm going to have my blog book to read and remind me about all the people I have known and loved. Then I'll probably fall out of my rocking chair and break a hip because I'm laughing so hard.


  1. You are too funny....but you are right. Every thing "MIGHT" be blog material. Mine don't even question me about it now. Just a "is that going on the blog"?

  2. Yeah I am doing that. Even my neighbors are asking if I am going to blog about something. :) Have a great rest of the week Jill!

  3. I always says, "That's bloggable".

  4. I haven't ever staged something for a blog but I did leave my 16 month old son with his head stuck in a cupboard while I ran for my camera because "I totally need to blog this!" He was not impressed but it sure made a cute post!

  5. So true! I frequently do that with dinners. "WAIT! Don't eat yet! I HAVE TO TAKE A PIC!"

    My husband says it is quite annoying.

  6. That's hilarious. I take pictures of things now that I never would have thought to photograph back before I blogged. Pictures just add to the blog posts don't they?? :)

  7. funny funny funny... it does happen to me sometimes too, like OOO i can blog about THIS! hahahahahaha and my boyfriend goes... o god! that blog again?

  8. Now that was funny. I will admit that I have often thought I needed to blog about something as things were happening. But I quickly forget all too easily these days too! HA! Like the new blog header too. :)

  9. Oh gosh, I so completely understand. The photos I take now are scary! Heck, I even blogged about my new shower head. I mean, what's next blogging about my new toilet (not that it's going to happen anytime soon, but when it does ... whoooooeeee, will I be blogging that!).

    Thanks for another laugh this morning. :)


  10. I wholeheartedly agree. When the tree fell over the other day, the first thing I did was take a picture. Then, DialogDog and I laughed our way through moving it and re-decorating.

  11. Yep. You should see my baby's scrapbook. I have more odd photos in there just because I wanted to save the silly memory. It hasnt quite crossed over to blogging for me yet.

    My funny for this week doesnt have a photo... but I suppose if I planned ahead, it could...

    I have a tiny little dog, Roxy. She follows me every where. EVERY WHERE... Last week she was laying in bed with me when I needed to fart. Twice. She rearranged herself after the first time, but after the second she got up and left the room! Wow. The power of the fart. But I digress. So she follows me, right? Imagine my surprise when she pushes the bathroom door open while I am pooping! She sticks her little head in the door, crinkles up her nose and leaves in a hurry! Hahahaha!!!! You should have left the door closed! Hahahaha!

    SO I am thinking that if I planned ahead and took a camera to the toilet with me, I could capture a great photo of her little head poking around the door.....

    But who takes photos when they are on the toilet?!?!?!

  12. I'm so glad y'all can relate to this post. I'M NOT ALONE!!!!

    I also run for my camera when my kids are in distress, but not danger, so I can capture the memory. They are rarely amused.

  13. hi jill! {raising and waving my hand}

  14. I'm not the only one! My kids think I'm nuts cause something happens and I say 'get my camera'. Although half the pictures I take never make it into my blog - so much happens around here and so little time to blog.