Friday, December 19, 2008

Do I Spend Too Much Time on the Computer?

Check this out. It's a laptop ornament from the Barefoot Contessa.

She just sent our Christmas box and this was inside. The Contessa sends each of us a new ornament every year, and she is very good about making it match something we did during the year or sometimes a new passion.

In my case, it would be the blogging. Clearly.

So now I'm thinking I must be spending waaaaaaay too much time on the computer to be getting this ornament for Christmas.

The girls got these karate ornaments because they've been taking lessons for a few years now. They say Karate Gives Me A Kick.

Honestly, I don't know where the Contessa finds all the great ornaments she sends us.

One year Peanut Head was having a particularly bad year in his garden with snails (this was in California), so that year he got a beautiful glass blown snail ornament. I was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically when he got that one.

This year Peanut Head got a karate guy ornament because he's been taking lessons with the girls.

Also in our box were some Jelly Bellies. I love me some Jelly Bellies.  I think these were intended for the girls, but I did get a few. Hand fulls.

In fact, one of the bags had burst open in shipping, so we were fishing them out of all the crevices of the box. Since they were out of the bag they were contaminated, so we had to eat them right away so bacteria wouldn't have a chance to grow on them.

I don't know if that would happen in real life, but it's what I'm telling myself.

Anyway, during all this Jelly Belly discovery, I came across a small surprise.

Aren't they pretty?

No, they are NOT.

JELLY BELLIES COME IN JALAPENO!!!!!! Can you believe that?!!!!

There is seriously something wrong with making Jalapeno jelly beans. You pop them into your mouth thinking maybe this time it would be green apple, or maybe juicy pear, but Jalapeno?

I never in my life have had such a shock.

I thought I was coughing up a hair ball after the first Jalapeno Jelly Belly, and I am not a cat.

So, I'm thinking. How could I have some fun with this new flavor? 

"Peanut Head! Taste these green Jelly Bellies. They're Da Bomb!"

He might fall for it, but not if I actually said Da Bomb. He would fall to the floor laughing hysterically if I used those words.

My Mama Llama once tricked her own sister into tasting a honking big bite of Wasabi paste. She did it in just this way too. She said, "Christine, you have to try this Guacamole, it's excellent!"

Ha ha. Christine fell for it because her middle name is Gullible. The following five minutes were extremely entertaining, and I'll never forget it. She was hacking and spitting and coughing all over the place, yelling for water, and turning so many different shades of red.

My mom gave her some water, but she didn't stop laughing.

See, I come by it honestly. Thanks, Mom.


  1. there are a few other jelly belly flavors that are a big turn off, too. I agree that eating jelly bellies should be a good experience, not a distasteful one.

  2. Those ornaments are unbelievable!! I have never seen such specialized ornaments before! Very cool. Not cool on the hot jelly beans:-(

  3. Such great ornaments! I love the laptop. And jalapeno jelly bellies? Gross!

  4. Adorable ornament!!! I would have gagged over those jelly beans too. I love jalepeno's on nachos and stuff but don't put that crap in a jelly bean! LOL

  5. What awesome ornaments!
    I, too, love Jelly Bellies, but seriously? Jalapeno? Popcorn? Blick!

  6. She does a fabulous job on those ornaments! That is just really neat! I agree on eating all those Jelly Bellies before they could get contaminated....ROFLOL!! Jalapeno?, that is crazy!

  7. your blogs are ALWAYS so entertaining! Jalapeno flavor...hahahahahhahahaha, yes im sure you really were that shocked, thats not be expected at all! hahahahaha.

    OO and thanks for the positive reinforcement on my blog about having big dreams and needing a great job to obtain those dreams. I know im gonna need to kick things up and work really hard to achieve "DA BOMB" career. hehe, like your "DA BOMB" jelly bean! hahahahahahahahahhaha, im still cracking up over the jalapeno flavor. LOL

  8. I love your new ornament! The Barefoot Contessa is very clever...

    I am amazed at how long the Jalepeno jelly Bellies have been around. I got tricked into eating one YEARS ago. So who is eating these things to keep them on the Jelly Belly list of flavors?

  9. Hi Jill,

    Since you have asked me several times I better answer you about my storage. In our garage we have (along two walls) floor to ceiling shelves that those big plastic storage bins fit into. More fragile things line a shelf around the top wall in my laundry room. My hubby is always hounding me to get rid of some stuff and I am going to have to soon. I need to just pare down to the things I really use and not keep all my decorations "just in case".

  10. I LOVE your ornament, it's perfect!! I want one!! Tell Barefoot Contessa that I love her show, so maybe she'll send me one....

    Oh, I knew there were jalapeno jelly beans, I live in Texas, everything comes in jalapeno flavor...

  11. I am cracking up at you were not hounding me but I know you had asked more than once and I hadn't told RUDE! I didn't want to be rude so I hopped on over (while it was on my mind) to let you know!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I would have thought the jelly bean was green apple and I eat them all the time! One time we had Harry Potter bean and the kids kept feeding the gross ones to their dad and grandpa!