Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Just A Noun

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday, and we still haven't decorated it, although we did get the lights on it Monday evening.

We were planning on doing it last night, and we were waiting for Peanut Head to get home from work so we could do it together.

I had started unpacking some of the decorations, just to speed things up once he got home. After awhile I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and I heard a big crash, which I knew had to be a decoration.

I went into the living room and Zoe Bug was looking guilty and scared. When I asked her what that noise was, she showed me one of Peanut Head's favorite ornaments. She was taking it for a ride in the sled, she said, and it fell out. Santa's arm broke off and the tip of his hat.

Hmmmm. I told her that I was disappointed because I told her that she was not to play with the decorations and she did it anyway. As a consequence, she was going to have to tell her Dad about it and apologize. She was pretty nervous about it and obsessed about it for hours.

When Peanut Head got home he could tell something was wrong with Zoe and he picked her up and carried her to the couch. Zoe blurted out, "I was playing with your ornament and I broke it and I'm sorry, it was an accident!"

Peanut Head replied, "It's okay, sweetie, it's just a thing, you're more important than a thing." 

Whoa. How sweet is that? I got all teary eyed and mushy soft inside.

Then Zoe Bug topped off the moment with her reply, "You mean it's a noun?"

Ha, ha. I love her teacher.

I think I'll go watch School House Rock's Conjunction Junction now.


  1. That's so sweet! What a cute picture of the two of them!!

  2. Loved the story and what a sweet daddy!!

  3. Oh that brought tears to my eyes, too, and I don't even KNOW Peanut Head. Well, he could just do his own version of a Hallmark commercial! LOL!
    Too sweet!

  4. If that isn't the sweetest moment I have heard in a while. Awesome picture of the two of them too. And gotta love that teacher of hers! Glad I am not the only one who has had a tree up with only lights on since Sunday. ;)

  5. That was so sweet. I love the picture. The problem is that when things like that happen, I get really upset and say just wait until your dad gets home. He never backs me up. He is so patient, loving, and sweet. He really makes me look like an ogre. :)

  6. Toooooo cute! Sometimes, their own guilt is punishment enough. I love how your husband handled it.

  7. Ahhhh... That's so sweet!

  8. hey aunt Jillie!

    i FINALLY created a blog myself! so check it out whenever you get a chance!


  9. haha, i should give you the site huh? THAT WOULD BE HELPFUL!!!! LOL


    its kinda like your title, it just fits really well!

  10. That is so sweet I guess peanut head is o.k. in my book. I would've cried too I love those pricelss moments.

  11. awww, what a great dad!
    out of the mouths of babes...too cute!

  12. A "noun." LOL You have GOT to make a scrapbook page of that little story. :-)

  13. Now there's a Christmas moment to remember. Yep, you gotta scrapbook this one. It's going to go down in family history.

    Sniffle, gosh I loved PH's response. You guys are fantastic parents. Wow. Both of you nailed this one - your reaction and consequences and his response.

    Cheers, Kiy