Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frying Pan Cookies

I have another recipe for you. I know, you're just super excited, right?

But you're going to love this. I promise.

These are Frying Pan Cookies.

Not that you could tell by looking at them.

Just in case you were thinking I do all the holiday baking around here by myself, I'd better just set you straight right now.

Peanut Head was baking his buns off over the weekend, and these Frying Pan Cookies were the first things on his list.

He whipped up about 150 of these decadent little gems.

This recipe has been in his family forever, and they make them at the Barefoot Contessa's house every single year.

Imagine my delight during my first holiday season at Peanut Head's mom's house. I was like "Mfff. . . um . . . oooooh . . . SNARF." I wasn't making much intelligent conversation while I was sampling every variation of goodie in her kitchen.

Multiple times.

Anyway, this batch that Peanut Head cranked out is a leeeetle bit different than the Barefoot Contessa's version. Peanut Head likes to tweak recipes, something I seem to have picked up from him over the years, so what would have been dates in these gobs of sugary bliss, are instead dried cranberries.

I think it makes them super pretty.

But then I like red. It adds a nice burst of color that just screams HELLO!

To make these sweet treats, you'll need the following ingredients: butter (but of course), sugar, 1 egg, salt, vanilla, dried cranberries, Rice Krispies cereal, pecans, and coconut.

Start with the most perfect of all ingredients . . . butter in all its saturated fat glory.

Melt it over low heat. You don't want it to be hot because then it will cook the egg when you add it. And although I'm sure that sounds delicious, it's not where we're going right now. You can do that later.

Remove from heat and add the sugar. Mix well, then add the beaten egg, salt, vanilla and cranberries.

By the way, The Pampered Chef Food Chopper does not chop dried cranberries. It simply beats the crap out of them without any cutting going on.

Return to heat and cook on low until the mixture is just entering into a low boil. You're trying to dissolve the sugar here, that's all.

Add the mixture to your bowl of Rice Krispies and chopped pecans and combine well.

Let the mixture cool down until it just starts to stick together when formed into a ball.

Quickly shape into one inch balls and roll in coconut. You want to move quickly because as the mixture cools, the sugars start to crystallize and it won't stick together. There's a tiiiiiiiny little window where the mixture is sticky enough to stay together. It's magic.

There was much stomping, harumphing, and general tantrum type behavior going on during Peanut Head's learning experience. But he knows what he's doing now.

After I made him call the Barefoot Contessa for pointers.


And then I had to make a follow-up call myself because he's a man and he didn't want to ask again.

It's just like driving and asking for directions. I should be happy he even called the first time.

It's just like what Daniel Boone said when asked if he was ever lost, "No, but once I was confused for about five days over where I was."

Anyway, back to the sweet, sweet balls of sugar. When you're done, they look like this.

You're going to want to freeze them or else you'll eat them all by yourself.

Not that I would know about that.


  1. Another great holiday treat idea!! Love it:-)

  2. Oh my. Total yum. I was thinking, gosh I could do this. But then, sob. You have to touch them with your hands and roll them. That explains why we never have meatballs either. I don't touch food before it's made. Odd, I think I just realized that. That really explains a lot about me, lol!

    They do look yummy. Maybe I will just have to stop by and snarf with you!

    Cheers, Kiy

  3. These sound good. I'll have to put them on my list for next year. I linked to you in my blog, I used your Hot Chocolate recipe for teacher gifts. Here's the link


    Thanks for the great idea

  4. They are really a pretty treat. I love the look and taste of cranberries--much better than the look and taste of dates. You make a simple recipe post hilarious. I look forward to them to start off my day each morning. Go girl!!!

  5. Those look fabulous...all except for the coconut...I would have to leave that off.

  6. MMMMMM...They look so good! I'm going to try these this week. I just can't add the pecans (we have a nut allergy :( )

  7. Oh, geez, Jill. Do you see my hips expanding over here?????

  8. Why do I always get hungry when I read your posts??? It's not necessarily a good thing....

    I'm baking today, one of the things I'm making is your pecan toffee, wish me luck! Oh there WILL be pictures!

  9. oh my, I love cranberries! These look delicious and I believe you when you talk about the snarfing down.

  10. I am amazed at your baking!!! I'm feeling envious...