Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Treats for Classmates

The girls and I put together treat bags for their classmates over the weekend. Of course it's a little early yet, but I'm procrastinating on doing my Christmas cards and letter, so this is a good stand-in.

I found the cute snowman bags at Target.

We kept the contents of the bags pretty simple with just Nerds, a candy cane and a pencil.

And a cute tag, of course.

I let the girls assemble the bags by themselves. It's tedious work, but they didn't seem to mind.

It took Stinkerbell forever to finish her bags. Zoe was nice enough to help her finish.

But not without her usual commentary.

She had to instruct Annika in the correct way to assemble the bags. Annika just ignored her though, as usual.

Here are the tags that I made for the treat bags, my contribution.

I made them in my StoryBook Creator Plus digital scrapbooking program.

Which, by the way is on sale, here, until December 20th. The regular price is $59.95 and it's on sale for $47.96.

So if you've had your eye on it, now would be the time to snap it up.

Or tell your sweetie to snap it up for you for Christmas.


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  2. That is a really great idea! I am just giving Dani's classmates Snowman Droppings (mini marshmallows in a tiny bag).

  3. GOOD GOLLY you make the CUTEST things!! How adorable for their classmates. LOVE the tags.....too CUTE!

  4. Of course, I sent that link to my husband...

  5. So very cute as usual! Man, I am envious you already have those done. I so need to get on the ball and get this holiday season going! Just keep motivating (guilting) me...will ya? ;)

  6. Oooh, those are so cute! Love the gift tags, I'm telling Den to get me that CM program for Christmas, I've been wanting it!!

  7. yes yes, i told grandma i want the digital scrapbooking program for christmas so maybe ill let her know that its on sale = )



  8. Wow, you have been super busy! I went and got the stuff for the bark and for the toffee yesterday, so I'll be copying some of your projects soon! :)

  9. love the treat idea- very cute! the cards are great too!

  10. We love Zoe and Annika just for who they are....but how lucky can Hallie be to be in Annika's class to be the receiver of such cute amazing things. They are adorable.

  11. It isn't letting me leave a comment on your most recent post, weird. Blogger is driving me insane today! Those cookies look amazing!