Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home for Christmas

I meant to do this post a couple weeks ago, but I got buried in all the holiday baking hoopla and recipe extravaganza, and I just never got to it.

I actually have me a Blog Book to keep me organized and write down my blog post ideas as well as when I want to post them, but it's buried somewhere on my desk and I cannot get to it.

What a loser, huh?

Oh well, here goes my short and sweet tour of our holiday decorations.

First off is our tree. Every year since Peanut Head and I got married, we've gotten a live tree. We love to get tall, skinny, sparse trees reminiscent of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

It's not because we feel sorry for the skinny trees, but because we like the whole minimalist look.

That, and our house is tinsyish and we like to be able to still have walking room in our living room when the tree is up.

Here is my recent fall decor purchase updated with Christmasey red glitter balls and ornaments. The Santa Man was made by my sweet Sister-in-Law, Marcia.

Just a few things up high. Remember, I don't dust.

I got this pillow on clearance after Christmas last year and I'm so excited to have real furniture to put it on this year.

We had been getting by for far too long with a mish mash of furniture left over from our lean college years.

Here's the other pillow. It says Naughty on one side and Nice on the other. I keep turning it to Naughty and Thing 1 keeps turning it to Nice. She's getting quite irritated with me, but I'm having sooooo much fun with her.

This is the first stocking that I cross stitched. I started it before Peanut Head and I even got married, and it took me a year or so to finish.

Here's Thing 1's stocking.

Detail on Thing 1's stocking.

And finally, my stocking. I'm very sad to say that I am still working on Stinkerbell's stocking. She's five now, and I'm not even half way finished. I'm hoping to spend some serious hours on the couch working on it after all the Christmas festivities.

This is just one of the pieces in our front yard. Peanut Head tends to outdo himself in the front yard. I only took this one picture though, because it's 11 degrees outside right now.

You think I'm kidding because I like to exaggerate, but I'm stone cold serious right now. It's frigid outside.

Anyway, I wanted you to focus on the Snow Roll that Mr. Snowman has goin' on.

I have not been letting him in to eat the treats, so I have no idea where he got that.

Here's a side view just in case you think he's hot and you want a little more.

Go to Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes if you want to see more tours.


  1. i love your card, and your decor! your tree is so cute! thanks for the tour!
    oh- i also love the idea of a blog book! i need to get on that one ;)

  2. Your Christmas tree is cute! I like the idea of a small one.

    But, my favorite part is your wall! How did you do that? Did you paint 2 colors? Is it wall paper? I love the yellow color!

  3. Your cross stiched stockings are amazing. What love and time went into those! My husband and I still have our childhood stockings as I am sure your children will.
    I have to admit tho, my fav thing on this blog was the fact that you have a blog notebook! I always think of things I'd like to blog, but then they leave my brain and are never retrieved! A blog idea book ... so smart!
    Thank you for sharing your home with us. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. You're not a loser, Jill. Look at me ... I was supposed to post part 2 of The Midge's adoption story on Dec. 7 and still haven't gotten to it. And, my supposed veg-in-front-of-the-TV time was spent on a treadmill instead. I think I beat you in the loser department...

  5. hahahahahahahahaha. yes, the fat snowy snowman is HOTT = P hahahahaha

  6. I LOVE your Christmas decorations! You have done a fabulous job on those stockings....maybe you could keep Stinkerbell's stocking out and work on it in bits and pieces throughout the year. Brrrrr it looks really cold at your house...I do LOVE that snowman though!!!! Just beautiful!

  7. Those are GREAT Christmas decorations:-) You have a beautiful home!!

  8. If we are to be neighbors, I think it will have to be somewhere else. I don't think I can deal with frigid temps like that. Wanna come to Texas where it's a balmy 73 today....yes, and just last week, it snowed. It is to be 26 on Sunday morning. They say if you don't like the weather in Houston, to just wait five minutes. There ya go.
    The decor looks nice, and I love your sense of humor.

  9. I love your tall skinny tree! I've always wanted to try to decorate one of those but have yet to take the plunge! You have lovely decorations! Very festive!

  10. I also forgot to tell you how terrific your cross stitched stockings are. I made one years ago for my daughter and it took me the entire summer, so I can certainly appreciate the work and love that goes into it. :-)

  11. Thank you for having us over! Your home is cozy and beautifully decorated. You did a wonderful job on the stockings!

  12. Your home is beautiful and the tree is very nice! It looks like you are ready for Christmas morning now!

  13. OMGosh, I love this post!!
    1. Your tree is adorable, LOVE it!!!
    2. I can't believe how beautiful your stockings are! I know I've already said this, but you continue to amaze me....
    3. Who's the hot guy? The one with the love handles?? Someone better snatch him up before those love handles melt off!!!

  14. I love your tree, seriously. Go figure as I usually like em' full and thick but wow your's really grabbed me!

    Regarding the pillow, if you can't mess with your kids, why have them? Great story, worthy of kid album (if you do one).

    Your stockings. GAL! I am so lovin' those! I have the patterns, the material, the floss - everything all ready to go. And have, since 1998. And I still have yet to stitch mine. And now, I keep changing the pattern choices (I fell in love with Shepherd Bush's stockings).

    Oh and ... sista! I don't dust either. I have been tempted to Pledge the doglet and the kidlet and send them around the house. Don't tell my mom, okay? Actually, come to think of it I do dust (go me!). When mom comes to visit. Once a year. Sad, but true!

    Cheers, Kiy