Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nerdy Snowman

Remember how I said I was going to lay around and read and digiscrap and just basically be a slug for two weeks?

And I believe I also said "Let it snow" in the same post. The snow was going to allow me to be a slug without guilt is how I put it.

Well, we got snow.

And I forgot about the fact that last year we had to shovel daily, and sometimes several times a day, during our holiday staycation.

This year is looking like more of the same.

This is the window well in my cropping area in the basement.

Filled with snow.

Filled so full of snow, that no light can get in. Which means my basement was pitch black this morning.

This is the view from outside, after we dug our way to the window well and started digging out.

The side of our house gets some wind tunnel action going on, so we had huge snow drifts to clear away.

That's much better. Let there be light.

After shoveling for hours, Peanut Head decided he wanted to build a snowman. A square snowman.

Because he's a nerd.

Actually, we're both nerds, but he's really a nerd.

I think the Snow Nerd turned out pretty cute though. He looks like an ice cube man.

The girls were, of course, thrilled with the Snow Nerd.

I think we have enough snow now.


  1. I love snow nerd! He's unique. How'd you get the blocks?

    I hear snow shoveling burns lots of calories. You can eat more goodies now! BTW, made your buckeyes. We were going to give them away to friends but have to make more since we ate most of them ourselves. Maybe I should go shovel some snow.

  2. We got tons of snow too...but not the sticky kind so no Nerdy Snow People, no Snow forts ...just cold cold temps

    Merry Christmas

  3. Very cute! It's still snowing here!!! Stop!!!

  4. Just so you know. I am jealous! I want snow! Being from the south, I can say, I have probably only seen about 3 inches of snow at once! I wanna take my kids out and make snow cubes!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Cubie is quite cute....
    Merry Christmas!

    Your neighbor,
    PS. cubie would be gone in a few seconds's in the 70's today!

  6. I LOVE that nerdy cute made in blocks!!! I can't even imagine that much snow...WOW!!! Definitely some fun for the kids! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love the Snow Nerd! I love the fact that it isn't your typical round snowman. How fun!

    And that's a ton of snow. Dadgum.

    I want maybe half of that. No white Christmas for us, again. Sigh.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  8. Hey, we could use some of that snow. Send it over.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. love the snowman. i always look forward to coming to your blog. merry christmas!

  10. I love your snow nerd. In fact, he is the cutest snowman I've seen in quite awhile. Yes, we do have enough snow. Hate to drive on it but I am oh so happy that we'll have a white Christmas.

  11. Snow Nerd Rocks! The husband (also a nerd, first class, by the way) also thought he was great. Not enough to make his own, grant you. We too have lots of snow, and Jeff's been out shoveling several times a day too. Yuck. Better him than me! :)

    Hope your holidays are wonderful!


  12. Wow! That's a lot of snow!! LOVE your snowman, so unique! It's kinda ironic that your "nerdy" husband would build a "square" snowman...haha, get it? "Square"....hehe, I crack myself up...

  13. Peanut Head made the blocks by packing plastic storage containers with snow and then turning them over. Kind of like making an igloo, but much bigger blocks.