Thursday, September 25, 2008

Procrastination Challenge Completed!

Remember that Procrastination Challenge I entered over at Virtually Organized?

Well . . . . I DID IT! Whoo Ha!

My Procrastination Challenge was to paint my front door. Here's my BEFORE picture.

And AFTER . . .

I'm glad to see that my new wreath didn't totally disappear into my front door. Although I do think it popped much better on the green. Oh well, I'm not doin' it again.


  1. Gorgeous!! Great job! Congratulations on overcoming your procrastination!

  2. Oh, I disagree! I think it looks GREAT on the red!! Great job!!

  3. I think it looks beautiful on your new red door, too. Congratulations, I know that painting a door is no minor undertaking!

  4. Great job...I think the wreath looks FABULOUS on your red door!!!

  5. Your door looks gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!

  6. Congrats! It's funny, I think we have the same green as your old door on our front door. I never thought about changing the color!

    Btw, did you know you won the challenge prize?!