Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, What Monsters We Have Created

This just happened.  Thing 2 is trying diligently to tape some toys together while Thing 1 is hysterically squawking at her.

Thing 2 looks up and deadpan, so like her father, says "Go Away." No hysteria.  Just "Go Away." Thing 1 squawks some more and Thing 2 says, exasperated, "Just let me focus."

My advice to you is this.  Watch what you say.  Little pitchers have big ears and all that.  It's true and it will probably come back to bite you on the butt.


  1. I cringe at what has come out of my mouth, which one day I fully expect my daughter to mimic....

  2. I can picture the whole thing. I love your kids! isn't life so good...

  3. I love it when they mimic us for good things. Every morning I wake her up with "Good Morning Sweet Baby". When I heard her say that to wake up her baby dolls from their "naps", I was beaming with pride.

    When she repeated my "Shit!" after stubbing my toe, I was shining with shame:-(