Friday, September 12, 2008

Croptoberfest is Coming

Now I know you all are saying "WHAT! We just started September!" Well, I have to start planning now for my big crop next month and this little invite is the first tangible thing that I have done towards getting ready for it. Well, besides buying the scrapbooking goodies I give away. The shopping is the easy part.

I do these all day crops each quarter, and let me tell you, they are the four longest days of the year for me. There's so much work involved, that if I don't pace myself and start planning now, I'm dead meat.

One of the biggest stresses for me is the menu. It's not the actual cooking part, it's the planning part that stresses me out. What do I make? Will everyone like it? Is it too boring? Will anyone find one of my gray hairs in the food? What if there's not enough? Will anyone be allergic and go into anaphylactic shock?

These are the things I think about. Sure I worry about getting the bathrooms cleaned in time, and I hope that maybe this time I'll actually leave myself enough time to dust, but the menu is the biggest stresser to me.

My menu stress isn't helped at all by Janae and Smashley (by the way, be looking for my Smash Trash sometime next week) because they get so excited and they keep asking me "What are we going to eat?" So naturally, I aim to get my menu nailed down as soon as possible.  I've been thinking about it and I'm searching for options right now.

So, what am I going to make? Help me out here. Is anyone out there? HEL-LO?


  1. Oh my cute are you? I just looked at your recipes and those cards are TOO CUTE!!

    I have some recipes on my website if you want to look around for inspiration. They aren't on cute recipe cards like yours but they are there for the taking:-)

  2. Jill, we could eat cold cereal at your house and it would somehow taste and look so much better than at our own. You rock! and thanks for doing such a great service for the rest of us. I'm downstairs at the computer and I need to check out the calendar but I am hoping to make it this time. Will let you know.