Saturday, September 13, 2008

Magic Treehouse Books & Activities

My good friend and fellow cropper, Renee, passed along an entire boxed set of Magic Tree House books, complete with the most amazing projects to accompany each of the books. 

She bought the set when her son, Marmaduke (as named by me because he's 7 feet tall and has ginormous puppy feet and tree like limbs that he has no control over at all), was in elementary school and reading the series. Well, Marmaduke is now 14, maybe 15, and has long since finished with this series.  So, what great luck for my girls, eh?

In the picture above, Thing 1 made two Sea Serpents out of clay and painted them.  This was the project that accompanied the Viking Ships at Sunrise book.  The kits include everything needed to complete the project.

This is the project for Lions at Lunchtime.  This particular one is a papier mache project, and can I just tell you how much Thing 1 has been loving these activities?

Here she is with her hands in the icky gluey mess.  Thing 2 could never handle this project as she can't stand messy things on her hands.  She eats finger foods with a napkin protecting her hands like a glove.  I'm sad to say that she gets a little bit of this from me, only she has magnified the little quirk ten fold.

We go through napkins in this house like nobody's business. It's a good thing that Thing 1 is going to do all these projects before that little stinker has the opportunity to read the books. We can't afford therapy right now.

I'd love to be able to link you to this great find, but I looked and I can't find the kits on the web. I'm guessing if they're anywhere, they'd be on eBay, buried and being sold by someone that bought them many years ago when Marmaduke was a little tyke.

Geesh, looking at him, I can't even imagine that he was ever a little tyke.  He even towers over his mom and she's not exactly a dainty little flower herself.  I call Renee the Renaissance Woman, but that's a story for another time.

I need to set aside some time for a Meet the Renaissance Woman post.  After my Smash Trash post.

This little guy is a giraffe.  It's hard to be elegant when you have a toilet paper tube body.

What? Is that a look of disgust that I see on her face?  OCD hangs out on a dang pushy gene.

UPDATE: Renaissance Woman informs me that she got the Magic Treehouse kits by joining the Magic Treehouse Club on a Scholastic Book order form.  I don't know if they still have this particular one, but it's definitely worth watching for.


  1. Those are sooooo cute!! What a fun project for kids!! I think I will try it with my daughter:-)

  2. such terrific projects! I am now inspired to throw a magic tree house party at the library (they have put me in charge of children's programming) but will probably need projects that are less time consuming. Maybe homemade play-doh sculptures, sans the paint? p.s. I am enjoying your blog quite a lot.