Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Costumes . . . Watch Out

This is Thing 2 last year for Halloween. It was her second time being a witch. She just really likes witches, I guess.

She makes a pretty cute witch too. At least in my opinion, and I know I'm a little biased here.

Thing 1 was a pirate last year. That was one scary knife. Sword. Whatever. What is that?

Last year was the first year they got to choose their costumes all by themselves. I cannot tell you how hard that was for me. It's all Peanut Head's fault too, because we were all together at Target and he asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween.

Can you believe that?!!!!

I cleared my throat and whispered to him, "Um, we're not doing that yet. I pick them." He just looked at me like I was speaking Russian and continued searching through the costumes.

I couldn't very well make a scene though, because then everyone would be looking at me and thinking "Scary Mommy doesn't let her kids pick out their own costumes." So I dug deep, real deep, and went with it. Grudgingly.

First I had to get over the fact that Thing 2 was going to be a witch again and that would make my Halloween album look redundant. Seriously, this is how I think.

Then Thing 1 had to go and pick a pirate costume. I admit, she is cute as a pirate since she had no front teeth then, but it was not the costume I would have chosen for her.

So this picture is titled "The Year the Kids Had a Say."

You all know that I'm a bit of a control freak, so you won't be surprised when you hear my confession.

I actually kinda already bought their costumes for this year. Without them.

Thing 1 is scorching mad at me.

Apparently she wanted to be Hannah Montana. Yeah, well this ain't the Best of Both Worlds, Sister Girl. This is my world Hannah baby, so go and sing that song somewhere else.

Ha, ha, no really, I actually don't have a real problem with Hannah Montana and her two songs. I'm sure we're going to have at least 242 Hannah Montanas at our elementary school alone. I really don't know why I'm not excited about Thing 1 being Hannah. I mean she's not like Britney Spears or anything. I'll have to ponder this.

In the meantime, I'm hoping I can talk her into the way cute scarecrow costume for this year, but I'm thinking if I get that lucky, I'm never going to get away with it again.

Tomorrow she's probably going to want to pick out her own clothes too. Dang it. She has her father's fashion sense and color issues, so I don't know how this is going to pan out.

What kind of costume is she going to want to wear when she's a teenager?

Geez, have you seen the selection of costumes they have for adult females? I feel like I'm shopping in a lingerie store, the costumes are so trashy. Am I alone here, or has anyone else noticed this?

What kind of message are we sending to our young girls with the costumes that are available to them? It's depressing. I think what's most scary is that clearly women are buying these types of costumes because there wouldn't be so many of them if they weren't.

What's a parent to do? CPS frowns on parents locking their kids in closets until they're 25. And dang it, I would never get away with that because my mom works for CPS.

Stop reading my blog, Mom. The kids are FINE.


  1. I know what you mean about the girls' costumes. Once you get out of the toddler sizes, the costumes start to look a little sleazy.

    I have lucked out with Grace wanting to be a princess for the last couple years. This year the kids picked their own, and actually coordinated...Superman and Supergirl. I guess I have trained them well. We'll see how long that lasts.

  2. I hear ya on the control freak thing. When my oldest son started picking out what he was going to wear each day, it was hard. He could match them fine but would be stuck in a rut with a few favorite outfits. I got smart though and didn't wash them too often so he would be forced to wear other clothes and when I did wash them, would put them in the bottom of his drawer so he couldn't see them. Am I evil?? :)

  3. You are so funny. This post was hilarious. I bought an $80.00 princess Belle costume at Disneyworld this year big enough for Hallie to enjoy for a couple of years. (The ones at Walmart are just too small.) Anyway at this very moment she refuses to wear it and wants to be a vampire...and no, she has not read the Twilight series and doesn't know about Edward). We'll see! Mom is pretty determined since she spent way more on that one dress than she would on all the church dresses in her closet!

  4. OK, you might just top me on the control freak scale. I might have protested -- LOUDLY -- last year when The Midge wanted to be a princess AGAIN! But I got over it.

    This year, she wanted to be Lava Girl. After I got done asking "Who in the world is Lava Girl?" I then had to find an actual Lava Girl costume. Talk about a pain -- and a checkbook breaker... (But, hey, at least she didn't want to be Hannah Montana!)

  5. I have picked out all of my youngest customes to date. We haven't gone out shopping yet so, we shall see if that control is gone yet. I hope not.

  6. well this year i can see is going to be interesting with the costumes...i cant wait to see how this whole situation turns out = P


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  8. You are too funny about the costume thing. They look really cute in the pictures. I know what you mean though about picking out their own things is really hard to let Lexi go with what she wants to wear...I think I am doing a decent job though.

    OK and you can call me a bad mommy this year....Lexi has already picked out and I bought it... a "Cheerless Leader" know the cheerleading costume but it has a skull on the front... for us though, it is just a fun holiday so I think it will be fun.

  9. I've been battling this for the past several years with my daughter as well, and now that she is a teenager, it is really bad if she wants to get in a costume for Halloween. We have laid down the law for the past several years and have had to say no to some outfits. She got mad, but in the end, she was clothed, warm, and at least happy she got a costume at all. :-)

    Your girls were so cute last year for Halloween!

  10. Sadly it isn't just the costumes but clothing in general!!
    Darling pictures.. I especially like the first 2.

    congratulations on your Procrastination Challenge win!

  11. that was the funniest post I am so buying Zoe bug a hannah montana outfit plus wig just for you. I guess one good thing about my boys being ugly super heroes each year is that they are covered. And I am with you on the scanky women halloween costumes hello lets try not to scare the children... You are the best even though you are a control freak.