Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is This Child Labor?

I think Peanut Head is getting tired of mowing the lawn. He decided to see if Thing 1 was ready to take over his job at seven years old.

He's dreaming, she's not.

Thing 1 is my delicate flower. She's girlie with a capital G. When she gets a paper cut she asks me "Do you think I need stitches?" She's a bit of a drama queen too.

Take a look at those ear jobbers. Peanut head wears these every time he mows the lawn, and Janae likes to come over to watch him and laugh hysterically.

I think it looks like Thing 1 is holding back a smirk too, don't you?


  1. Oh, that is too funny!! How far did she get? Mine wants to mow too but we have an acre that gets mowed with a riding lawnmower....seems that is the attraction...the riding mower. lol

  2. She didn't get very far, two small rows and Peanut Head had to help with the pushing.

  3. Isn't that why you have kids? To run your house for you? Hee, hee, hee.