Friday, September 5, 2008

Box Tops for Education

Do you have kids in school that collect Box Tops for Education? If not, I'll bet you have a school near you that collects them. The Box Tops program is essentially free money for schools. There are many products that have Box Tops. For a complete list, go here, but some of the ones that I clip regularly come off the bottoms of my Kleenex boxes. Each Box Top is worth ten cents, and believe me, they add up fast. Our school collected over $2,000 in Box Tops last year alone!

We have Box Top collection competitions with each class competing against every other class in the school to see which one can collect the most Box Tops. The winning class gets a pizza party with ice cream sundaes at the end of the school year. The class in second place gets an ice cream sundae party and the class in third place gets ice cream sandwiches.

We also have daily Box Top prize drawings. This motivates the kids to keep bringing their Box Tops in. We try to discourage hoarding because they have expiration dates.

If your school doesn't have a Box Tops program, it would be worth it to suggest it to the PTO, or better yet, start one yourself.
This is the time of year when you can find lots of bonus Box Tops on items you normally buy with double, triple, even twenty times the normal 10-cent value. It's really worth it to watch for them and clip them out. Just be careful not to trim off the expiration date.

Here are the Box Tops that we collected at Back-to-School Night. We haven't finished counting them yet. Pretty cool, huh? I'd say Freakin' Awesome if it didn't make me feel like such a dork. I'll leave that to the kids.


  1. I have a huge bag full of box tops just waiting for the first contest at my daughter's school. Any day now, they'll be dangling a popcorn or pizza party in front of the kids if they promise to bring in those box tops....

  2. Did you know they also sell really well on ebay?! I was trying to talk my school into selling them for cash instead of turning them in. I was looked at askance.