Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning Giveaway Winner

Wow! This contest resulted in the most comments I've ever had on this blog. Maybe I should do this type of thing more often, eh?

I don't want to torture you so I'm going to go ahead and just tell you. The winner of the Spring Clean Year 'Round box is 

 #47 -  Shiloh and Bob Willey

E-mail me at to give me your address. Congratulations!

Now, a couple of you suggested that Ter should win because she's had such a rough year. Since I can't, in good conscience, rig the contest, I decided to make her a little box of her own.

What do you think? It's smaller than the Spring Clean Year 'Round box and it's not the same. I've made different chore cards because, again, in good conscience I couldn't just copy the original since it is something I purchased. My intent in holding this little contest was to support another work-at-home mom and share a great little system with you.

Yikes! They multiplied. You can't put those dang boxes together because they just can't behave.

Actually, I figured since I was going to be making one anyway, I might as well kill two birds with one stone and make one for one of my contest winners from this post

So, one of these boxes is for Ter from Canada, and the other one is for Amanda of Another Day in Diaperland.

Please e-mail me at with your addresses. Congratulations.

Here's a little peek inside the boxes I made. The chore cards are small, 2" x 4" but I think they are plenty big for their jobs.

Before I found Travis' Spring Clean Year 'Round system, I had a system of my own that wasn't working very well. It was the same general idea as the Spring Clean system, but it wasn't cute. I think because it wasn't cute, I didn't keep it out in plain view, so I didn't  use it. I also had tried the Fly Lady System, but I just couldn't stay on top of it during busier days and weeks, so I found that it wasn't flexible enough for me. Plus, I need another e-mail in my in box like I need a hole in my head. Plus, plus, I find her website incredibly confusing. Granted it's probably just because of my rabid Chihuahua attention span, but still.

I like spread sheets and all, so my skills are limited.

So, what I really like about the Spring Clean Year 'Round system is the flexibility. If you can't get to a chore on the day you had planned, you just move it to the next day when you think you will be able to get to it. You might think that it's just enabling procrastination, (my friend) but I've found that isn't the case. I have all my chores in one place now, written down, and I know that I have them scheduled so I don't have to be overwhelmed by thinking about the big picture and everything I have yet to do. I just focus on today with the knowledge that I will get to the other stuff, just not today. It's liberating.

So, having a peek at this Spring Cleaning system and getting some inspiration, I've had another go at my own system and spiffed it up a bit.

I used a rotary Rolodex for mine because of that rabid Chihuahua thing again. I tend to rush around, and as a result I'm always dropping things and knocking things over. This way, my chores are anchored so I don't 52 Pickup them all the time. Remember that game? It's a hoot. Not.

Can I just tell you how much fun I did not have making the Rolodex divider cards. It took FOR-EVER. The picture above is the smart way, with the exception of the pain in the rear tabs and that I don't think I would use staples again. I would just stick them on with my Tape Runner.

See, when I started making my own dividers, I had to cut out all those little notches with little itty bitty scissors.

And as I mentioned, the tabs were a whole 'nother problem. 

Until I got this from Melanie-Who-I-Almost-Killed-With-Pie.

It's a Round Tab Punch. I could have used this thing years ago and I'm so happy it lives at my house now.

Watch this . . . I punch my tab out . . .

Fold it in half and put some adhesive on the inside, and then sandwich my piece of divider card stock between it.


I digitally scrapbooked my chores. Of course. I put three to a 4x6 print and uploaded them to my local photo center. By printing them at a photo center, I save my own printer ink and I get a much better quality print. Waaaaaay better. And I even have a decent photo printer.

Then I just cut the chores apart.

Round the top corners so I won't stab my rabid Chihuahua fingers.

Then I used way more Tape Runner than I really needed on an actual Rododex card. I adhered my chore cards this way so that I wouldn't have to cut out all those dang Rolodex notches. I'm a cheater, and I never want to do that again.

Then I carefully lined up my chore on the Rolodex card. Some of them aren't super perfect.

And here are some of my chores.

I want you to know that I'm going to try to turn over a new leaf and dust more than my once a year whether it needs it or not system. But still, one room a week is my limit. 

I just thought this one up yesterday. It's one of those things that I'm always noticing and thinking I should do, but I just never get around to it. Now there's hope.

I have chore cards for cleaning the toilets once a week and the sinks and counters too, but this one is for all the rest of the bathroom. My goal is to not need a Hazmat suit to clean the bathrooms in the future.

I even made some blank cards for additional chores that I think up. I could go to Fly Lady to look for more, but I figure I'll start with this and add them as I need to.

Like this. I was filling the cat water yesterday and realized that this needed to be a chore. I just wrote it on there with a Fine-Point Sharpie.

If you want to purchase the Spring Clean Year 'Round system, click on the link and go get yourself one. They're $30 plus shipping.

So who's in the mood to clean now? Me neither.

Maybe after I finish off that box of Bon Bons that Peanut Head thinks I eat all day watching soaps while he's at work. He has no idea.


  1. You seriously ROCK! Your system looks so pretty how could you NOT want to clean? Oh, well, yeah I get it. But really? And to share your cards with us is the ultimate in fabulousness! Thanks!

    Oh, and congratulations to the winners!

  2. Yay! I couldn't believe I saw my name! I was just thinking, "I never win anything!" I am so excited to see it (and use it of course)! I already called my sister, Sparkette, to brag!! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!!!! You did a fabulous job making up those other boxes!!!!

  4. Congrats to the winners!!! = ) Wow, your system ROCKS! I can't believe the time you put into that and then sharing it with us...Thanks!!!

  5. Oh I am so going to steal the box for my sister! Then she can figure out how to make a new one! MUAHAHAHAHAH!! :) LOL! J/K Congrats to the winner!

  6. Congratulations to all the winner! You are my system hero!!

  7. I am overwhelmed by your kindness and am at loss for words. Thank you so much. I am actually crying because I feel so unworthy of such kindness. I can only hope that I can return the favor to someone someday.

  8. OMG girl. For someone with the attention span of a Chihuahua, you are freaking amazing.

    Congrats to the WINNERS!

    And, maybe, just maybe I will PAY YOU to do my cards for me. :P See? If you weren't so amazing... :D

  9. Now come on, Ter. You ARE worthy so you just stop that. I believe you WILL return the favor to someone someday. Now accept your congrats and send me your address, Girlfriend. :)

  10. Except now she knows that you want to steal it and she's going to hide it when you go over to her house. :)

    J/K? What's that? Some kind of abbreviated texting lingo for Twitter Tweople?

  11. Ok, seriously, that thing is awesome! I'm so very sad I didn't win, BUT, I want to know...if someone was too lazy/pregnant to make one of their own, how much could someone pay you to make one for them?! :D :D :D LET US KNOW!!!

  12. Ladies, seriously, if you want one, go to the Spring Clean Year Round website and order one. I will not be making and selling these EVER.

  13. Jill, I don't know you. This is the first time I've been to your blog. I found you through our mutual friend, Ter, who was so pleased by your generosity that I just had to check you out. OMG! Do you realize you are a very inspiring person? If I wasn't so self acutualized (hee hee) I might even find you intimidating. Goodness! I just love your spring cleaning system...Can't wait to check out more of what you do.

    Thanks for being so kind to our friend, Ter!

  14. I just can't even believe how absolutely amazing you are! And crazy generous too! You are such an inspiration! Congratulations to the winners! Well, I'd better go check out the Spring Clean Year Round site now 'cause I need those cards!

  15. Jill,
    I am convinced you don't sleep. Have you been hanging around Malibu Barbie lately? You are awesome and so generous. I am so happy for Ter!! She deserves it! Keep up the ideas, you are inspiring.


  16. what fabulous prizes! And how clever is your rolodex idea? You are too awesome for words.

  17. Oh I wish I had the stamina to make one of these. I love the Rolodex idea. I don't think I have the creativity to think of all the cleaning ideas though (I am not a cleaner) so I might have to head on over any buy a spring cleaning system from Travis.

    Also, thank you for sending Teri something. She's a good friend and a wonderful person. ♥

  18. this is adorable! you should sell it!

  19. Oh wow - that's a great system! And I am VERY impressed with how professional yours is - it's gorgeous!

  20. Love your blog and your header on your blog. I'm never in the mood to clean. :) Stopping by from SITS!

  21. Girl you have once again amazed me. Love the Rolodex system idea! I have been trying to find a good way to put together a system for myself since all the ones I have tried just haven't been what I needed. This may actually work for me. I think I am just going to continue to stalk your blog and use your ideas. You are so amazing!

  22. Jill...SO ADORABLE!! Hey, if you need to make more, ask your Stampin' Up! Gal, Melanie, about the Clear Sizzix Rolodex Die for the Sizzix Big Shot!! Thanks for sharing your FABULOUS ideas!

    Erin Blair over at

  23. I dont know how I missed this post the first time around!

    I love your system!!!! It is cute and everything! You did a great job (as usual)! I love my tab punch too.

    Where do you keep your chore rolodex? Is it on your kitchen counter or on your desk, or what?? My biggest problem with my system is that I dont carry it around the house with me and "out of sight, out of mind" is almost a mantra with me.

  24. I love it! You are awesome. You said that you like spreadsheets. Do you have all your tasks organized on a spreadsheet? I'm not a crafty person and work better from lists. Anyway, just wondering if you could share your list. Love the blog. I've been on here far too much today! Just contact me through my blog. Thanks a ton!

  25. just to say i love your blog it's awesome.
    do you have a chore list?? can you share with us!!!please so i can finaly get a clean home every day!!! ;)

  26. I second Natasha request for a chore list. Please help us craft challenged folks.

  27. I was wondering how you like this system now that you've been using it for a while. I am desperate to find a way to keep on top of things and the rolodex looks like something that might work for me. (I'm kind of a disorganized mess).

  28. I just found this GREAT idea on your FABULOUS blog! I've created my own almost exactly to your description. I even bought a tab punch off ebay so I could have everything you have. Sick, right? I think so.

  29. Good Morning~ Could you please share with us the list you have on your spreadsheet? I am a Spreadsheet queen and I am always creating a list for something and looking for other lists. Thanks. Have a great day. stacyb

  30. I would also love the chore list please!! Your website is amazing and you have so many great ideas!! You have a new fan! :)

  31. Just wanted to say thanks for everything!!!! I too have done the SHE and the Flylady only to get super busy then ....Well, I order my Rolodex off of ebay. I kept it simple with just white card and used highlighters in the corner to tell me what zone I am in. I also highlighted the calendar to color coordinate with the rolodex. Awesome!!!! Before this I was putting away may 3x5 cards or notebook away by which I sometimes never got it back out. This way it is always on my desk.