Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bathroom Refresh Unveiled

Last week I shared my Rubber Ducky bathroom with you, and my plans to refresh it. Peanut Head and I have been working hard and we're ready to share it with you . . . as well of some of our challenges. Aren't there always challenges?

This is where my inspiration started, with this shower curtain from Target. I searched for weeks for the right shower curtain. I was looking for something grown up but not too stuffy, and it had to go with neutral paint. Also, it couldn't require a theme. I tend to get into trouble with themes.

I'm sorry that it's a little wrinkly, but it's right out of the bag here and I'm not the type to iron. Besides, after a week of showers, it'll be nice and smooth. I'm counting on it.

So, the shower curtain was the inspiration which then led me to painting two of the walls a sage green and two of the walls a light tan color.

Then I found these towels at Target (ON SALE!!!) and everything else just started falling into place.

Well, mostly. Remember I told you that we weren't going to knock out any walls or anything major like that? Well, since we removed the mirrored cabinet we lost some storage so we decided we were going to put in a smaller medicine cabinet, which Peanut Head was going to recess into the wall.

Which meant a hole.

Which started out small, like this, and then got a little bigger.

Then he installed this lovely medicine cabinet with trim that matched our existing cabinets.

And we loved it.

Until Thing 1 decided to hang from it while attempting to reach over my pile of construction debris on the floor. She was trying to get to her toothbrush. An honest mistake. Mine, not hers.

So picture the door hanging by one hinge, completely ripped off the recessed mount cabinet. That wasn't going to work. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that. I think I was too busy keeping my composure while my blood pressure was having a party inside my head.

It turned out okay in the end, because we found this nicer mirrored cabinet at Home Depot.

And it was only a tinsy bit smaller than the hole. If you're six feet or taller, you can see the screws on the top. That's not a problem for us though, we don't let Peanut Head in this bathroom anyway. Well, unless he needs to fix something.

Next we talked about replacing the sink.

And we did. I love our new sink, free of toothpaste. The girls have been warned that my head will pop off and chase them around the house if it doesn't stay that way.

Our second challenge was the countertop. We purchased a very nice Corian-type countertop with an undermount sink which I loved.

But it didn't fit our cabinet. It turns out our bathroom cabinets are not a standard size. Oh joy. So, with tears in my eyes, we returned that countertop and resigned ourselves to laminate. It would have been too expensive to have a countertop custom made for us, and we weren't prepared to sink that type of money into this bathroom in the first place. We were just refreshing it. Doing our part to stimulate the economy and be sensible at the same time and all that.

So we found this lovely laminate countertop that Peanut Head was able to cut to size.

Ahem. This lovely KITCHEN countertop that Peanut Head was able to cut to size length-wise before we realized that, Gee, this countertop sticks out four inches farther than our other countertop. What the heck?! Seriously, Bob Vila doesn't say measure twice, cut once for nothing.

Lucky for us, Peanut Head is resourceful and was able to cut out those few inches depth-wise. Once I crammed some khaki caulking into the tinsy crack, it's hardly noticeable. I am the Caulking Queen, let me tell you. It's because I'm anal.

Here's the new light bar. I love it because it doesn't blind me when I'm trying to trim my nose hairs. Not really, I don't have nose hairs like that.

They're on my neck.

And here is the new, nondescript little stool for the little shorties.

A couple new rugs.

This is my favorite. It's another Target find and it's so plush, I want to sleep on it.

And let's not forget the new cabinet hardware.

Such a little thing that makes such a big difference.

Now, I need your help. I have this bare wall area, a little over the toilet and a lot adjacent to it. I need something there. Should I get a picture or two, or something functional? Talk to me, my bloggy friends.


  1. I think it turned out great....I love the colors, I'm all about the sage...awesome!! I'm not creative enough to give you ideas on what to put on the wall though. I have to scan the 'net to come up with inspiration.

  2. Your bathroom looks great! For the bare wall and since it is the kiddos bathroom why not consider, over sized square prints of them in a bubbly tubbly having fun. Maybe, black and white prints? You could maybe modge podge the prints on canvas that way you would have to worry about a frame that matches?

    Have a great day!

  3. Alright Caulking Queen, your on! ;o) I'm pretty dang anal about it too. You did a really nice job! In fact the whole bath turned out great! I'm voting for a couple pictures on the wall too!

    I can't wait to be done doing our bath... someday.

    Aren't ya gonna miss singing "rubber ducky" every time you walk in the room, just a little bit?

  4. That turned great! It makes me want to re-do Maddy's 1962 bath. I'll have to post a picture some time. The one in our family room has crazy 70s wallpaper on the walls, the ceiling, and the back of the door. I think it was all professionally done, the wavy pattern of brown and orange is a perfect match all the way around the room, including up and over the ceiling.
    How about some of those cool decals on the wall? Either something in writing or I have noticed more shapes and tree decals lately.

  5. I love what you've done! It would be pretty to take that design on the bottom of the towels, trace it and blow it up into a painted design to fill that empty space. The green could bleed over in the design from the back the Sherwin Williams ads that are out right now...

  6. Oh girl I LOVE the new bathroom! It looks like you and of course, hubby did a fabulous job!!! I would have LOVED that plush rug on Saturday when my stomach virus was going full force & I was kinda living in my bathroom...UGG!

  7. The bathroom color is so pretty and I love the new sink. Wish I could have new sinks in my bathrooms. I have the old shell-shaped ones from the '80's! ACK!

    How about a couple of cute shelves on your wall there and a small picture above the toilet? That's probably what I would do anyway... : )

  8. My vote is a combo of the others... some shelves with photos of the fam and fufu stuff on them. But you have to put them up just high enough that people can't see the top of the shelf... then you don't have to dust them as often! ;)

  9. A nice big piece of art, unless, of course you need more storage. Then a cute functional piece would be in order.

    Good work guys!

  10. I have been looking for the perfect shower curtain too for my kids' bathroom. I haven't quite found it yet. I think you should put pictures of your girls, in black and white. Michaels is having a wall frame sale...

  11. Love the makeover!!!

    I'd do some sort of shelving over the toilet, with perhaps the same towels and washcloths rolled up in a display of some sort on one of the shelves.

    For the wall in the back, one or two framed pieces that have the same color green in them. I'd create them myself I think to ensure they match.

  12. It looks very nice! everything you do looks nice!

  13. Love what you've done! For the bare wall whAt about one of those cuts twiggy circular wreaths? Or a cute sepia pic of the girlies?

  14. It looks awesome! That green is one of my favorites! As far as the blank walls go, how about a nice decrative metal clock for above the potty? I've always had a clock in my bathroom since putting my watch on is one of the last things I do before leaving the house. I also quiz Allison on "What time is it?" while I'm getting her ready.

  15. It's beautiful, Jill. I would put a picture on that bare wall. Something in black and white with a sage green mat.

  16. Wow, Jill! It looks beautiful. I love the colors and a big slap on the back to both of you and especially Peanut Head (I have a hard time calling him that :)!) for being such a handy man. He is great to have around. My bathroom and house walls are still mainly blank because I don't know what to do but I trust you'll come up with something fabulous.

  17. Wow! Great job, now when can you come to my house?

    For the blank space, I think it would look nice with the vinyl word/art stuff or some pictures. Or some really great candle holder/sconce things if you can find some. And for some reason, I think a picture of magnolias would be really pretty yea, basically I was no help! haha

  18. OOOOhhhhh, super pretty! My whole house needs your help, please come! I vote on getting a huge picture of a super squishy baby booty in b&w for that bare space on your wall (I'm sure you've got one!)...that would be super cute. :P Plus it would make all those who enter, smile. Who doesn't love squishy baby booties?

  19. BEAU-TI-MUS!!! I L.O.V.E. it! I think some black and white photos of the kiddos would look awesome in that space!Very good job! I wish I could find inspiration to re-vamp my bonus room. I have scrapbook stuff EVERYWHERE and its unorganized! Its soooo bad that I cant even scrap!

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  21. I have NO ideas for you on what to do with your extra wall space but wanted to tell you that the bathroom looks great! You guys really did a nice job.

  22. love love LOVE the new bathroom! will you do mine next?

  23. I love it! I am dying to know what is in the candy jar on the counter.... I know, I am a bit nosey but I couldnt avoid it. *big grin*

  24. i think it looks lovely. i love the rugs and shower curtain.