Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mystery Rock

Grandma Louie-Ann gave this to Thing 1 for her birthday this summer. Peanut Head is a Geologist, a Geophysicist actually, and Grandma knew that Daddy would be so proud seeing his girls interested in rocks. Well, I could have told her to save her money, they already love rocks.

Peanut Head started them on the love of rocks early. I used to just have to yell at him to keep his dang rocks outside, now I have to stay on top of everyone all the time. They're always bringing rocks in the house, displaying them here and there, hiding them in their bedsheets, sleeping with them for crying out loud.

And I ask you, do I bring dirt in the house? No. And why not? Because it belongs outdoors. As do rocks. Nobody listens.

In an attempt to bring me over to the Dark Side, Peanut Head got himself a rock tumbler and started tumbling his rocks for weeks on end (the noise is another story entirely) to make them pretty. And okay, they are pretty, but they need to stay outside until they're pretty and shiny and that's the bottom line dang it!

So this Mystery Rock, it's a big "rock" blob with treasures hidden in it. Kids, age 7+, are to use their little plastic tools to carefully scrape and brush away the surrounding rock to reveal archaeological hoo ha.

They love it. Can you see this? Look at their intense concentration. This went on for hours. For days on end. And Thing 1 still begs to go work on her Mystery Rock.

Here she is, with her filthy face and brand new ruined shirt, recording her findings in her field journal. Just like a real scientist. Daddy is so proud.

Thing 2 plays with the paint brush because every time she gets near the rock blob, Thing 1 uses her bossy britches voice to tell her that she's not 7 so she can't do it. This has been going on for years. When Thing 2 started crawling as a baby and she would touch a toy, Thing 1 would freak out and yell "No baby! No baby! You too little!" And ever since that very first day when Thing 2 learned how fun it could be to push her big sister's buttons, this house has been the venue for the Button Pushing Olympics.

Here's the cute little specimen tray. With specimens.

Ooh look, Thing 2 is actually touching the rock blob. See what I mean? Siblings, they're all the same.

Here's that cute little field journal. Thing 1 takes it so seriously.

Peanut Head says that if she can't find all the treasures, we can just dissolve the rock blob in water, because it's just made out of clay. We're keeping that little tidbit on the down low.

So I guess we need to give a shout out to Grandma Louie-Ann. Good one, Grandma! If you want your very own Mystery Rock, you can find it here.

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  1. Love this idea. My son's birthday is in November, so I think it would be perfect. My husband and I are both science nerds so we love stuff like this1