Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday Party Layouts

I just finished these layouts from Thing 2's fifth birthday party this year. The first picture is one of the invitations that I made for her party, which was flower themed. It's a little ironic, as she is not exactly a delicate flower.

To illustrate her undelicateness, notice the "boy bike" she wanted for her birthday and the boots she has paired with her sundress. She snuck the boots on after taking the pretty pink flower sandals off that I had set out for her with her dress that morning.

She knows how to pack a punch too. The girls have been taking karate lessons for over a year and Stinkerbell enjoys it far too much. I think I heard the pinata scream when it saw her coming.

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  1. I haven't visited you in awhile and oh my gosh I have missed these adorable scrapbook pages. They are just so cute!!! You know you can't hardly fight them on shoes and those boots do match cause they are pink!!! Love it!!