Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy Stalker Mom

No, that's not a typo. It's not supposed to say Soccer Mom. It's stalker mom. That's me, for sure. But I get the pictures. Nobody can accuse me of not having any pictures of my kids, no sirree.

This particular picture is Thing 2 waiting for the bus. Today was the first day that Kindergartners got to ride the bus. And this bus riding is a big deal, let me tell you.

While we were waiting for the bus, Thing 2 and I discussed and rehearsed the picture taking procedure. She was to climb the first two steps, turn around to wave good-bye, and then I was to take her picture.

Yeah, well, somebody was a little too excited to remember the correct procedure. The bus pulled up and Thing 2 jumped on and started barrelling her way onto and into the bus. She disappeared completely into the bowels of the bus. I was left standing there, camera in hand, mouth open, dejected.

Luckily the bus driver knows about us crazy Kindergarten moms and knows how important "the picture" is. So here is Thing 2, after she came back.

Bye Sweetie! Have a nice day.

Oh, and would you look at that? Already! Here she comes, home from school.

Thing 2 is the first one off the bus.

Look at her. She's so proud of herself. And there's Thing 1, behind Janae's kidlet. She looks a little disgusted with me, doesn't she? She's getting to that age where she tries to be cool. Now that is a funny thing to watch your child try on. I should write a book. No, I think I'll save that for the teenage years. I'll have so much more material then.

I'm sure the bus driver thinks I'm a crazy helicopter parent and I'm okay with that. Really.

Hey, I get the pictures, don't I?

UPDATE: The day after I wrote this post, I was at a PTO meeting where the principal was explaining how he wanted to have Back-to-School-Night before school started so that the helicopter parents (his words) wouldn't feel the need to hang around the classroom on the first day. I had to hide behind my clipboard.


  1. Darling photographs of your little daughter. So sweet. Great to place this photo in a memory book for the years to come.
    Loved looking at these. Reminds me when my daughter was a tot.

  2. You are too definitely got the pictures!! Ok picture this - mine went into 4th grade and it was the first year I let her ride the bus. I asked her if it would embarrass (spelling???) her if I took pictures and she didn't think so. I kind of stood behind a vehicle and snapped

    Gotta have those picture memories cause I'm never sure when the mind might go.......

  3. Oh, and yes that is a wroght iron stand...cute isn't it...hee hee

  4. do get the picyures, thats for sure!