Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting Ready for School . . . Already?

Is it me, or is school starting earlier and earlier every year?  What happened to getting out of school before Memorial Day weekend and not going back until after Labor Day weekend?  Man, I miss those days.  I can barely remember them, but I miss them.

As you can see, we had registration for school today.  Thing 1 isn't super excited about starting second grade, but she really loves her some school supplies.

I can relate to that.  When I was teaching, before kids, I got so bad that I wasn't allowed to go into office supply stores unsupervised.  I would even sneak my office supply bags into the house after Peanut Head went to bed.  How sad is that?

Thing 2 isn't really excited about the school supplies as a whole, but she's fixated on the glue for some reason.  Should I be scared?

Here's our cart just before checking out.  Peanut Head was shaking his head and saying "I can't believe you're taking pictures of this."

They're really more excited than this picture shows.  It's sweltering hot in Idaho this week, and it's wiping us out.

Someone, please tell me WHY, for the love of Pete, do teachers need 8 dry erase markers from each kid?  I'm not complaining, really, because I'd give my kids' teachers 18,000 dry erase markers if they told me they needed them, I just can't fathom why.


  1. I was wondering that same thing about the Dry Erase Markers?!? If you find out please let me know!

  2. HaHa the girlies got spoiled for back to school = D