Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School

You'd think with both my kids in school now I'd have a little peace and quiet. Ha! Somehow I'm busier without them at home. I'm so discombobulated that I managed to delete my Internet Explorer altogether. Note to self, when booting up computer and said computer says "Internet Explorer blah blah blah is trying to access the internet, do you wish to allow access?" DON'T EVER ANSWER NO. Yep, it was that simple. I get the bonehead award today.

So, I am back in commission, but late with today's post. My kids started school yesterday and here are my layouts. Thing 1 got off to school first because she is in second grade and goes all day.

This is Thing 1 on the first day of school last year, first grade. She's a weed, isn't she?

Thing 1 on the first day of Kindergarten, 2006. What's up with those freaky ponytails Mom?

Thing 2, my baby, started Kindergarten yesterday. She walked into her classroom like she was in charge. Her body language was all "Get out. I'm good. I need ta learn. Go away Mom. Get the dang picture and GET OUT!"

She's so sentimental.

Here's Thing 2 last year, second year of preschool.

Thing 2 on her first day of school EVER, age 3. Even then she was all GET OUT on me.

She's wearing her favorite "Pink Hot Boots" as she called them. We got our money's worth out of those Target boots. I only wish they came in my size.


  1. These pics are so cute. I love what your girls are wearing in all the photos. I have 2 boys, so i don't get to do the girly thing. My oldest son, has to wear school uniforms...yuck. Love the Target pink boots, too cute. Let me know how she's doing in kindergarten. My son started Kindergarten this year too.

  2. Thanks for visiting me cause I haven't visited you in awhile either. I LOVE their school pictures they are just sooo cute!! I remember those pink boots from her birthday party pictures....too cute!!!

  3. jill you are so on top of things those layouts are so cute you are beyond gifted

  4. Your girls are soooo cute! I'm a kindergarten teacher so your little one's first day attitude cracks me up! Your ID tags are so adorable. If I saw that at school I'd be showing them to all the other teachers. LOL Love your layouts, too!

  5. Your girls are adorable. My two start Pre-School in a few weeks. My daughter missed Kindergarten by one week this year, so it is another round of Pre-School for her! I love the layouts. When do you have time to scrapbook? I love scrapbooking, but when Ethan came that hobby went by the wayside.

  6. Donna, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked me when I scrapbook. Well, every Saturday night I have a group of people that come over and scrap with me, so that is a for sure once a week commitment.

    I do most of my digital scrapbooking, however, at night when the kids are in bed. I can whip out a page or two relatively quickly and not have to make a big mess. I like to work at night when it's quiet, but that means I'm usually sleep deprived. :)