Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want a Really Challenging LOOOOONG Workout?

First of all, I'll admit it, I am a dork and I tried the Tae-Bo tapes when they first came out and could not, I repeat, could not do them. The problem was coordination. Well, lack of it. I would get five minutes into the workout and just get frustrated and stop. Now don't judge me, I do know how to persevere, but not when I'm mad and sweaty and embarrassed because I'm tripping over myself, all at the same time. That's just asking too much.

Well, fast-forward three or four years and my friend, Mattie Cake, told me I had to try Billy's new Boot Camp workout series. In spite of my Bad Billy Experience, I'm generally influenced by my friends so I gave him another shot. And I'm glad I did, what a great workout! Billy knows how to punish a person, that's for sure. He loves him some squats and he looks great doing them.
Billy kills me in this workout. I scream out in pain regularly when doing this workout. My kids used to get scared, but now they just say "Is Billy hurting you, Mama?"

In addition to the excessive squats, you use Billy Bands, which are basically big rubber bands with handles on the end that you hold and loops to go over your feet. They are effective though. Whenever I stop doing this workout for more than two weeks, I have to go through the whole sore/can't-walk, sit, breath or go potty-without-crying-out-in-pain period. It's the punishing workout that keeps on giving. It is a good workout though. My only real complaint is that it is 55 minutes long. That's a big commitment in my life. Maybe that's why I'm rotund.

If you want to give these workouts a try, go here:

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  1. Hi Jill,

    I just recently checked out your blog and realized that you're coming our way on your vacation. I emailed you, but you might not get it. Anyway, you've probably passed by us, but we'd love to see you on your way back. We would really love to meet Thing 1 and Thing 2! Email me back if you get a chance and I'll give you our ph.#, etc. It's
    Hope we get to see you!
    Beth and Mark (Nienhaus!)