Monday, July 28, 2008

Look Where I Went Today

Yes. I went to IKEA today. I've been waiting for two years to come to San Diego and go to IKEA. I've had a hankering to go so bad that I took a shopping list with me. Yes, I did.

Every time I come to San Diego, I come back with furniture, and I'm limited by what will fit in my minivan and still allow me to bring the girls back with me, inside the car. They aren't fans of fresh air I guess. Weird kids.

So, Peanut Head was warned ahead of time and I briefly glossed over the list with him so there wouldn't be any surprises. This post might be preparing him for my arrival home with those items on the list and maybe one or two other items. Just tiny little things. Inconsequential stuff.

By the way honey, I love you.

So, do you want to see what I got?

I got two of these cubey-type shelf units. They are actually called Expedit bookcases and you can stand them on end, or horizontally to make low shelves. I'll tell you where I'm going to put them because I know that Peanut Head is reading this post and throwing his hands up in the air screaming "And exactly WHERE are we going to put these?!!!"

I do have a plan in addition to that shopping list honey, and I'm going to use them against the wall in my crop/office area and they will be set up horizontally. Yes, I do realize that some other things might have to go to make room, and I'm prepared to deal with that because dang it, I want these things.

Here's my impulsive purchase. It's an ERIK File Cabinet and I like it because a) it has three file drawers that open veeeeeery smoothly, and b) the file drawers open all the way so I don't have to risk severing my arm when I have to reach into the back of the cabinet to extract a file. That is always a worry in the dangerous world of office filing, yes it is.

The other things I got are just real little, and I wouldn't want to bore anyone with the details. Well, that and they are for some organizing projects, and I don't want to spoil a possible future post. Or something like that.

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  1. haha, nice furniture! i wish i could of gone too, that store is awsome! And i can totally imagine uncle clarkie saying "and where are we supposed to fit that?" haha

    It was nice to see the girlies. Me and robert left but i want to call you before you leave back to Idaho.