Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knight in Shining Armor Rides in on Her . . . Cow?

The pictures in this layout make me laugh. I laugh, and then I cry because my oldest, Thing 1, is a horse freak. A big time horse freak. She gallops around the house on all fours, pretending that she's a horse and making horrid not-quite horse noises.

I cannot keep this kid in jeans, she is on the floor so much. I even threatened her with, and followed through with, boy pants. Can you imagine my desperation? Not even that worked.

Does anyone out there have a horse freak and please, can you tell me, when will this madness end?


  1. OK Jill that scrap book page of pictures is soooo cute. How did you do that? Care to share with me? I would be truly greatful.

  2. Hey Jillie!
    Very nice scrapbook page! i was wondering how much the program costed and what its called, the one you use to do computer scrapbooking? It looks like it must save you alot of scrapbook materials and money...
    talk to you soon!

  3. hi, in answer to your question I bought the rollers from a diy store here in Malta. My kids love getting messy!!