Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade

Peanut Head came up with this recipe a few years ago. He's pretty handy in the kitchen, although he has some mishaps that he'll never live down. Like the time he made Enchiladas with a whole can of chipotle chile peppers instead of the "one canned chipotle chili pepper" the recipe called for. He ate alone that evening, sweating buckets because he made it dang it, and he was going to eat it.


  1. Jill, I am so excited to see your recipes on your blog, because you are by far and incredibly, deliciously, one of the best cooks in the area! Cute pictures of your trips. I'm a little scared to see all the digi-scrapping. Do I need to be converted now that I have truckloads of supplies to do traditional scrapbooking. It makes me a little sick to think about it. Yikes.

  2. Thank you for finally including one of my favorites. A baby shower, birthday party is definatly not complete without this one!