Friday, July 25, 2008

Beach Dork

Can you believe this picture? It's me, the ultimate dorky tourist on an outing to the beach. Laugh. Go ahead, I'm okay with it. Seriously though, if you've ever gone to the beach and wanted to take all the chairs, the snacks, the towels, the boogie boards, the umbrellas, the books, the sand toys, then you know I need one of these granny buggies when I'm going to the beach.

I originally bought this cart for my mom. She's too cool for it though, and it only gets used when I'm the one pushin' it, once or twice every year or two. You can see my Mama Lama in the picture, trying to get away from being in the picture with the beach cart because she doesn't want to be seen near it.

If you aren't too cool for a beach buggy and you want one, you can find the beach cart at One Step Ahead.

Here are my girls, Thing 1 and Thing 2, at Oceanside Beach. It's been two years since we came to California, and the last time we were here they were both too chicken to go in the water by themselves. Here they are testing it out.

Whoa Nelly, those waves are gonna get us!

Oh Mama, I have to get out of here!

Thing 2 catches her first wave and she's hooked.

Bring it on, baby!

Okay, I can do this now.

It was so funny to watch them. They were in the water for hours, running and screaming. My favorite was when the waves would knock them over and they would roll in the surf, up onto the beach. They thought that was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, that sort of tumbling in the surf leaves sand in your knickers. Here's a little clip of Thing 1 trying to walk with Coochie Creepies from a little sand chafe going on in her girlie bits. Watching this makes me want to take a shower, but it is hilarious.

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  1. I did a product highlight post on the beach cart not too long ago and someone mentioned this one. It looks awesome and I don't think dorky at all, just very very clever :)