Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Water Slide is Amazing

It's confession time. I'm a little bit cheating on my scrapbooking. Remember I told you that I was working on March? Well, I had some cute pictures and I couldn't wait so I skipped ahead. You may be thinking big deal, but for a control freakish, rigid person like me it is a big deal. I don't, as a rule, stray from my chronological order. See, this is another one of the cool things about digital scrapbooking. I don't have to worry about how all the in between stuff is going to fit together because I can just drag and drop my pages into the correct order that I want them in when I'm ready to get my book printed and bound.

Like kids, digital scrapbooking is allowing me to hang loose a little bit. I can jump all around and do things willy nilly if I want. Ha. Don't count on it. I tend to force myself to do the things I'm not excited about first and then reward myself with the fun stuff. But not today. Today is a special day. I'm sleep deprived, therefore I care less about such mundane things.

Back to the layout that I was so excited to do. I have a good friend, Suzanne, that moved away from here a couple years ago, and our kids were pretty good friends when she up and left me. Not that I'm bitter. I'm not. But occasionally, like once a year, she comes back to visit her mom who still lives here, so I get to see her. This year she sent her kids on ahead because apparently she is some sort of groupie for this obscure band that I've never even heard of, and she just had to see them in concert, twice, in Colorado before coming on to visit. I will finally see her Saturday night though, at my crop, so I will be sharing some words with her.

Geez, I'm really losing my focus here. Sorry. Back to the pictures that I'm so excited about but apparently too bitter to discuss right out. Suzanne's kids, Sean and Maggie, have the spoilingest grandma in the world. This is not an exaggeration, bless her heart, but she aims to spoil and enjoys every minute of it. Scary Grandma, that's what she is. Just kidding, Nancy, you know I love you, I'm just really jealous about the slide. So, Scary Grandma bought Sean and Magnadoodle this ginormous water slide to play on while they are here for two weeks.

Okay, I want that slide. No, I really want that slide. I have coveted it since I first spied it at Sam's Club two years ago. But it's $18,000. Well, I might be exaggerating a little bit, let's just say that it's out of my price range so it may as well really be $18,000.

Will someone please buy this slide for me?


  1. NO NO No No no no nonononononononono!
    We don't have the room!
    It doesn't recirculate!
    It kills the grass!
    It makes a swamp!

    Outside ... MINE!
    Inside .... Yours.



  2. $18,000 isn't that much it????? I'm sure you can come up with a water recirculating plan......

    The "obscure band" is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. They have been rocking & rolling and tourning for 10 years. You can google them as RCPM.
    You're the one that left 1/2 way through my vacation........ ha ha!