Saturday, July 5, 2008

Snow in July???

You must be wondering why I'm posting snow pictures in July. I'd like to tell you that I'm trying to cool you off, but I'm sure there are people out there (Smashly) who are cursing me for trying to put a damper on their summer. My friend, Ashley (whom will from here on out be referred to as Smashly), despises winter. I'm going to do a post about her reeeeeel soon. As soon as I can convince her to let me post her picture.

So the real reason I'm posting this digital layout is because I am way behind on my scrapbooking. So behind that I decided to start digital scrapbooking my family album with the beginning of 2008. How's that working for me, you ask? Ha, ha. Well, January is done, and here is a two-page spread to prove it. Actually, only January is done, and that is why you are getting this now. I'm pretty new at digital scrapbooking, and I would like to post some of my work on this blog regularly. Maybe that will keep me working on that backlog. If not, I'll just keep reposting this one and see if you notice.

Looking at my layout, you will see pictures of Thing 1 and Thing 2 riding their new butt sleds in the snow. These things are so cool. No more dragging sleds up the hills, just strap it on and go. I am dying to use one of these, except that I would need one for each butt cheek. I would probably look pretty dumb. All kidding aside, if you have access to snow and you want to get your hands on some butt sleds, go to and get one, or two. They are $9.98 each, and I think the max you can order is six at a time.


  1. Ooooo your scrapbook pages are soooo cute!! We recently got a digital scrapbook program and started "catching up" on our memories. (4 are posted on my blog if you would like to visit) I have done some really cute ones (but posted 4 that don't have any personal information on them).

    Your girls are so cute and look very patriotic. Hope you had a great 4th.

  2. Hi Jill, thanks for visiting. In answer to your question we have been printing them out on photo paper and putting them in clear acid free sleeves in 3 ring binders, so we can just look through them when we wish. I love having them also saved in the computer though in case anything ever happened....... I too like the Halloween one :)