Thursday, March 26, 2020

Waiting for Spring and Freedom

I feel like I'm in a dystopian novel. Idaho currently has 189 confirmed cases of Covid-19. More than double what we had two days ago. New York has 38,977 cases, and the United States as a whole has 85,476 cases. We have now surpassed China and Italy for the number of infections.  

Yesterday I went into town to get groceries, since I was going I planned to pick up more landscaping bricks at Home Depot since I have time on my hands this week. Well, one of the entrances was blocked off and they were controlling how many people could be in the store at a time. Their magic number was 100. While waiting to get in, customers were to stand the required six feet apart. X marks the spot.

While checking out, the cashier warned me that Winco was doing the same thing, except she thought their magic number was 200.

Here's Winco. I power walked to the entrance to claim my spot in line, but I still had to wait about ten minutes to get in on a Wednesday in the middle of the day. 

I wanted to get a bag of flour to keep my food storage stocked up, but there was zero flour. Also, no chicken noodle soup, ice cream, or decent hot dogs. I didn't need the ice cream anyway. I was just checking for a friend. Riiiight.

While I was in the store, I got a notification on my phone that Governor Little finally ordered a 21-day shelter in place. He took too ding dang long on that call, in my opinion.

Upon seeing the shortages, and then getting that notification, I think I panicked a little. I told the fam when I got home that we weren't going grocery shopping again for two weeks because I had just spent two weeks worth of budgeted grocery money in one trip.

Fred Meyer didn't have any flour either and now I know that there is a national shortage. I think it's because everyone is making cookies during quarantine. I know that I've been eating more than usual while on lockdown. I think it's the anxiety.

We're trying to be careful about not letting food go to waste. Here is Peanut Head making tortillas and quesadillas with leftover ingredients from tacos and other assorted items. They were pretty good.

Stinkerbell finally decided to do her chores. She either doesn't do her chores at all, which makes me lose my mind, or she does do them and goes a little overboard. I snapped this picture after she had moved all the family room furniture into the kitchen so she could vacuum. Then she dusted each piece with precision and returned them to their rightful place. Here she has just dumped everything out of the drawer of that side table so she can dust each item inside the drawer as well as the table itself. Items which she felt did not belong in the drawer, she deposited on my bed for me to figure out what to do with. She doesn't know this, but I just put it all back in the drawer when she wasn't looking. She didn't get her passive aggressive behavior from her Daddy, that's for sure.

My plan is to stay home and not go back to town until we desperately need something. Monday Peanut Head and I start telecommuting and the girls start online school. That's going to be interesting, for sure. Until next time, stay safe.

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