Monday, March 30, 2020

The New Normal

Only businesses which provide essential services are allowed to remain open. That includes grocery stores, trucking companies, doctors and hospitals, etc. Hair and nail salons are, of course, not considered essential. That means Peanut Head wasn't able to get his monthly haircut at Great Clips, and as his hair grows out, he tends to look a little like a Q-tip. Thus, I was forced to start a little side hustle by giving Peanut Head the first hair cut at #CoronaCuts over the weekend. He will likely be my only customer as the girls aren't that desperate.

Today was my first day working at home. We expect to be under this Stay at Home order through the end of April, so this is going to be our new normal. Idaho currently has 423 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

I sat down at my desk at 8:00 a.m. this morning and got to work. I was actually pretty productive, which was a pleasant surprise. This was only day one though.

The girls were also busy with school and Peanut Head was working in his temporary office in the basement. When he turned to go downstairs this morning I said "Have a nice day at work, Honey." He thinks I'm whackadoodle.

I was happy to see that our internet supported the four of us working throughout the day, although only one of us at a time participated in video meetings.

I haven't been away from home since the middle of last week when I couldn't find flour anywhere, and my friend, John, surprised me with a 25 pound bag of flour. I have never had a 25 pound bag of flour before, and you can't just store it on a shelf.

I ended up dividing it into five one gallon freezer bags. I'm thankful for the flour.

Modeling by scientists tells us that the worst is yet to come. Two weeks from now New York will be at its peak of infections, which is insane because today they have 67,325 confirmed cases and 1,342 deaths. Governor Cuomo implored any available health professions to please come to New York to help. It gave me goosebumps.

The United States has 163,932 confirmed cases and 3,169 deaths. Worldwide there are 790,111 confirmed cases, and 37,896 deaths. It should be noted that we don't necessarily trust the numbers coming out of certain countries. China, for example.

It may sound corny, but we are living through history right now.

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