Saturday, March 21, 2020

Social Distancing and Keeping Busy

I'm done with the Pandemic post titles. They're dumb. I'll just try to find something appropriate for each day I post.

Idaho is currently reporting 43 cases of Covid-19. I say "currently reporting" because those are the cases that have been tested and came out positive. We know that not all cases are being tested, and it has been difficult to even get a test, so that's a squishy number. Two days ago when I posted we had 11 cases, but later that day we were already up to 23. I didn't bother to update my post because why? We know the number is going up.

Social distancing is the new normal. Everybody is doing it. We could be contagious and not even know we are infected, so we have to go about our daily lives as if we are infected.

We moved Zoë out of her college dorm today. Last week Idaho State started their spring break a week early and they are preparing to move classes online for the remainder of the semester. Zoë is very sad and I can't blame her. She was looking forward to these last couple months with her friends and being on campus with all the freedom and her friends.

Even though it's spring break, both girls rearranged and cleaned their rooms in order to set up their online school study nooks. Of course Stinky's is complete with a bed for Dr. Lucinda Gooseberry.

Zoë made room for her iPad on her dresser so she can stream Netflix when she's taking notes. I think she's in for a big surprise when our crappy internet bogs down with everyone on it. For the most part Peanut Head and I will still be working at work, but we are prepared to work from home when we can.

Our snow has mostly melted and it's been relatively nice outside, so Peanut Head and I are outside working as much as we can. We got smart and started washing our rocks with the cement mixer and it is so much faster.

We have an endless supply of rocks at this place and I've been using them as much as possible in our landscaping. I'll post some pictures once things start turning green and we get some flowers. My tulips are just now starting to poke through the ground.

Baney is not happy about the nicer weather because he's an inside dog. He's making the best of it by sunbathing next to the last of the melting snow.

I just started on this landscaping project after dinner tonight. I made pretty good progress, but the light was pretty bad so I don't have a picture besides this one I snapped right after I started. I'm sure I'll be posting that sometime this week.

We've also been working on the trim in our master bedroom, and I'm hoping to be able to cross that project off my list soon and take pictures for a post. It's been a slow project. Crossing my fingers that you will be seeing that soon.

Be safe out there, and wash your hands.

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  1. Thank you for posting. I'm on day 3 of isolation and enjoy your posts.
    Stay safe