Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pandemic Entry #3

Hello again. I struggled with how to title these posts. My brain kept telling me to start out with "Captain's Log, Star Date blah, blah, blah," but I don't really know how star dates work so I would just be making it up, and I want this to be accurate. I'm sure that Peanut Head could have hooked me up with a proper star date, but so far I've been keeping these posts on the down low. My experience is just that, my experience. I'm doing this as a diary of sorts, so I don't forget how it all went down. I just hope that looking back I can laugh at how we all got through the toilet paper shortage of 2020. Please let me be able to look back and laugh.

As of this moment, Idaho has 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Community spread of COVID-19 has also been confirmed in one of those cases. That means the source of the infection is unknown and cannot be traced back to the source. I think this is where we're supposed to say "Sh*t's about to get real."

We have been following the website nCoV2019.liv for up-to-date stats on the virus. It's a cool website for nerds to geek out on. Well, as cool as a website about a pandemic can be.

Also in the news, gas prices fell below $2 a gallon in 12 states. Too bad nobody is going anywhere so they can't take advantage of it.

I'm worried about money. Everyone is supposed to stay home so we slow the spread of the virus and keep from overloading the hospitals. We're trying to flatten the curve.

Restaurants and bars are closed to dine in traffic and restricted to take out only. Will businesses survive this? Will we?

China is just now recovering, although that's relative. Today is the first day that they don't have a new infection. That's good news, right? They took drastic measures to quarantine their population in order to get to this point, but it took them several months.

I am officially on an early spring break as of this afternoon. Last night I cancelled my plane tickets to visit my friend, Smashley, in Knoxville. It makes me so sad that I won't get to see her.

I go back to work on March 30, although that is subject to change. Exponential growth is no joke.

I've been obsessed with the news. I don't remember feeling like this since 9/11. As soon as I hit publish on this, I'm going to make myself a big To Do List and a schedule to stay busy and get some things done around here.

I'm also going to try to enjoy my family. If only they'd stop bickering . . . everyone's nerves are frayed. I wish I had a 1,000 piece puzzle for us to work on. No puzzles in the house though. There's still the list. I'm off to tackle that.

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  1. Thank you for putting into words what I'm thinking and feeling. I just keep my head down and stay busy. And the bickering! I can so relate.