Tuesday, March 24, 2020


This not knowing is making me crazy. How do you plan when there's so much uncertainty? As of this moment, Idaho has 81 confirmed cases of Covid-19. We are definitely seeing the exponential increase we were warned about.

This morning Peanut Head left to put in some time in the lab. I'm inside today because the weather is windy and cold, and I've realized that time passes a lot slower when I'm stuck inside. It's not like I don't have things I can be doing. What must this be like for all the people trapped inside in cities? I can't even imagine. New York is getting hammered right now. They have over 25,000 cases of the virus. We have a friend who lives in Brooklyn and I'm scared for her.

Being outside helps, although I'm always thinking about the virus and everyone and everything affected by it.

One of the outside projects which I've been working on is to put down these landscaping bricks for a mowing strip in the front yard. 

I love this kind of work, and I can happily work at it all day long, leaving the fam to eat cereal for dinner.

Peanut Head has projects of his own, and he just completed these Lincoln Log planting beds. I'm going to move my strawberries into these new beds. He has plans to make some type of netting cage to keep the birds from eating all my berries--like those turkeys you see eyeing it already!

That's what's going on with us. Stay safe out there.

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