Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Pandemic Entry #2

It's been two days since my last post. Idaho now has nine confirmed cases of Covid-19. Four more than Sunday.

We had school yesterday, Monday, although our attendance was way down. Many parents chose to keep their children home. I made Annie go. Last night the decision was made to close school beginning Wednesday. Parents were urged to keep their students at home today, but schools would be open to give them time to arrange child care. At the elementary school where my office is, there were only 14 students in attendance. The silence was palpable.

Teachers are working through Thursday to get their classes online. The plan is to return after spring break on March 30th, but if that is not possible we will hit the ground running with online school. Most likely. The situation is pretty fluid and flexibility is key.

Outside it's oddly quiet. I actually heard a small plane from my office today, and it was out of place. Eery.

My sister-in-law lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and she was sent home from work yesterday because six counties were told to shelter in place for the next three weeks. She will be alone in her little cottage and I worry about her. I am thankful that we don't live in a densely populated area.

Clark and I are both still at work, although his employer is strongly encouraging people to work from home. They are to use their Virtual Private Network (VPN) dongles to work remotely. We're not sure if dongle is the correct term, but it sure is a cool word, isn't it? Today the VPN crashed because so many people were on it. I think internet is going to be a big issue around the globe. I don't think we are equipped.

I worry about money. Not just for ourselves. I worry about the people who cannot work from home and are already struggling. I can't imagine how we are going to get through this as a country and a planet. I think we will be forever changed after all is said and done. I only hope it's for the better.

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  1. We start our remote learning today. We are out until mid April but with all the new info getting around, it may be longer. I also worry about those people in the grocery store. They are exposed to every panicked person around!
    Hunker down and stay healthy. :)