Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Most Important Cake of My Life

This is the most important cake of my life. And yes, well, I suppose it was also eaten on the most important day of my life, but I'm all about the cake, so let's talk about the cake first, shall we?

Life is short, eat dessert first and all that.

This is our wedding cake. It was a masterpiece. A beautiful, decadent, chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. No vanilla. Perfection.

There wasn't any cake left over at our wedding. Thankfully we still had the top to take home and put in our freezer to save for our first anniversary.

Yeah, whatever. Who does that? What a complete waste of perfectly good cake. We ate ours right away, by ourselves. And then nothing happened on our wedding night because we made such pigs of ourselves, we couldn't move.

And just for sentimentality's sake, we ordered a scaled down version of the same cake, from the same bakery, to enjoy on our first anniversary. And every anniversary after that until it was no longer geographically possible to do so.

I'm telling you, that cake was dang good.

And here's the rest of the story. To celebrate dang good cake, Peanut Head and I got married on the day we ate that cake.

We were 12.

Before the wedding I was nervous and I desperately needed a drink. I've always gone for the hard stuff.

I may have told you this before, but I was never one of those girls that starved herself. Like I need to tell you that. Just take a look at my right sidebar for proof. Well okay, and my ginormous butt too.

My wedding day was no exception. I had a full three square meals on that day. Plus the top of the cake after the wedding.


Here we are sealing the deal. I have a confession to make about this kiss. Something I've never told anyone else.

This was the worst kiss of my life. Of my life. There was no tongue and it was a short, quick, swoop in and swoop out bird peck of a kiss. I don't know if Peanut Head was just nervous, or what, but I was not happy with him.

See, look at my face. Here we are, now Mr. and Mrs. Scott, on the happiest day of Peanut Head's life, and I'm all "What the HECK was that? And I married this guy? Oh, this is not a good sign. We are going to have WORDS." 

And look at his face. He doesn't have a clue.

Yeah, I know. Nothing's changed.

He's kind of like Odie sometimes.

Isn't that romantic? I know.

If you want to see more wedding drama, go on over to Three Boys One Mommy and she'll hook you up.


  1. I've always wondered about "the kiss". I've especially been thinking about it now that I'm engaged. I feel that a small peck is tasteful and sweet, no tongue needed in front of a crowd...get a room!

    p.s. the cake sounds delicious!

  2. I love, love, LOVE the pictures. I can't believe how young you look...not that you don't still look like a spring chicken....well not a chicken, but you know what I mean. So fun to take a peek into your past. You're quite the cute couple and the cake looks delicious. What an excellent idea of just ordering another cake on the anniversary. I don't know whos idea it was to save the top for a year. YUCK! We saved ours but did not eat it. I understand the kiss. That is the way Jayme is in public. Not much in the affection department when we are out and about.

  3. First of all, your name sounds so famiiar to me. Second of all, if you lived near me, you could order a cake from me on your anniversary every year and I would make it for you. And third of all, don't worry about the was the same with me. Boy was I disappointed. We got married in a Vegas drive thru so i don't know what could be so embarassing that he couldn't KISS me the way he should have!!! It was just us and the person who married us. No excuses buddy!!! We've been married for almost 8 years now.

  4. Hahahaha! I hate weddings. And I should know, I have had two of them.

    One was the big church deal that I didNOT want but gave in to first hubby. Laced out dress, flowers, big party, blah blah blah and then he passed out and my best friend and I opened all the presents. I got a kiss that day, but no nookie. I also ate alot. Subway (footlong club) and McDonalds (cheeseburgers no onion) and In and Out (burger, fries) and at the reception (chicken and spanish rice) and leter with my best friend while drunken new hubby slept (Denny's Moons over my Hammy).

    Second time was easier, but I still didNOT want to do it. His mother forced me to. He and I had been fighting for 2 days. We fought the whole time we were waiting for the judge to show up (court house). We fought all through breakfast (IHOP). We fought all afternoon. We fought through the "reception" at the Old Barn (steak). We fought for 3 more weeks until we went home. No Kiss. No nookie. Lots of good Italian cooking.

    I would NOT do it again. Either one. I love my hubby (#2)... but I was fine with him for years before we got married, I would have continued to be fine.

    Wow, I have issues, dont I.... Ok, running off to get over it now.


  5. you were a beautiful bride- peanut head should have given you a whopper of a kiss!!

  6. This is a funny post! That cake looks amazing! I am with you on the starving thing...why? Eating is so much more fun and I am so much happier!

    And the kiss...too funny!

  7. We had the opposite issue. Our wedding cake was nothing special but the kiss was so good I squealed.

  8. Oh Jill you keep me on my toes with your posts! LOL! You crack me up!

    That was a great story :)

    Love the new header too!!

  9. Girlfriend, you are a great storyteller. You need to write a book. Happy anniversary of your best cake ever. My caterer cut my cake into thin little slivers and we were left with well over 1/3, maybe even 1/2 a cake. Actually, now that I think about it, it worked out just fine.

  10. What a hoot! Loved your wedding recap...laughed out loud about "the kiss!" Happy Anniversary of that wonderful cake! What an adorable couple. = )

    The spring look for your header is so sweet!

  11. So cute! I love the only chocolate cake idea. OUr cake looked like a stack of gifts with chocolate on the bottom and spice cake up top - what were we thinking. Eating that spice cake 1 year later was a HUGE disappointment!

  12. Loved this recap of your wedding.

    The whole kiss after the I do's was so ME. :)

  13. You tell the best stories! I always love stopping by cause I never really know what to expect and I just love surprises! Well, you know, the safe non-startling surprises, not the jump-out-from-behind-the-door-and-scare-the-crap-out-of-ya kind.

    Anyway, the gal who made my daughters cake (last May) makes a fresh cake and sends it to the couple for their anniversary, so no freezer burn worries for them. Course they would have eaten it anyway, it was so dang good! Ooh their anniversary is coming up!

    I like your sweet Easter header, perfect fit with "my peeps". :D

  14. Now THAT is one darn good lookin' cake!! And the couple ain't half bad either... ; )

  15. I think that kiss is a wedding rule. I got that same kiss. Well, um, not the SAME one (eeps! lol), same kind - different guy. :)

    And, we saved the darned top. Froze it and took one bite on our 1st anniversary. Yuck. What a bummer, as it was darned tasty cake (even if they did screw it up and put *nothing* on the top - and yes, I mean *nothing* at all - think you were irked at the kiss?) :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  16. Great, funny post. I don't know of anyone's first kiss that was magical. It's just a weird moment in front of everyone you have ever known, so it's probably going to suck...

    and not in the good suck face kind of way :)

  17. That was hilarious Jill! I'm definitely an eater too, but I did not eat ONE thing that day, I remember that vividly... although I may have had Jack in the Box afterwards.

    I love that "nothing happened" on your wedding night because I honestly don't get how that's even possible. I NEVER wear heels but I refused to take them off. By the end of the night I had the hugest high heel headache I wasn't doing ANYTHING!

    Thanks so much for having me Jill, I truly had a lovely time.

  18. Can't believe I wasn't following your blog already, sorry about that.

  19. Oh, my god! You really were 12 when you got married!!!

  20. You guys were so adorable on your wedding day. I must be getting old because you look like a couple of kids. (Of course I was only 22 when I married)

  21. Now that was some good cake:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  22. Stopping by from SITS! LOVED the pics! Cute post!

  23. Ha! Yous is so funny!

    I wouldn't want to save any of that cake either - sounds scrumptiouse! I don't know how people keep the top in their freezer for a whole year - that would just drive me batty having to look at it everyday - for a YEAR.

  24. Ohhh, that looks delicious! I'm talkin about the cake, not the kiss...that kiss was lame! I tried to keep my hubby's tongue off me until after the wedding reception, making him wait until that night, but to no avail. HA! TMI, I know. But now days it's mostly chicken pecks, so lame. Such is marriage, I guess!

  25. Oh my!! That was totally worth the trip over! lol MY wedding kiss was awesome. A full yahoo and dip to finish it off. At least he didn't drop me... lol

    Then we spent our wedding night driving around looking for our clothes. That kind of sucked. I'd rather have pigged out on that yummy chocolate cake!

  26. Now, I couldn't resist popping by to this entry too... Haha!

    Your cake looked divine. I so love it!

  27. Hubby and I went for the chocolate cake too - delish.

    As for our kiss - no where near as good as the cake, but I was quite preggers at the time so I'm surprised he could actually reach over to get my lips at all LOL

  28. Love this post! Now you just have to tell Peanut Head, he's go tto make up for that, every day for the rest of your lives!

    Nice "meeting" you today, sitsta!

  29. That cake looks and sounds SO GOOD! What a great idea to keep ordering a smaller one like it every year!

    I'm sure Peanut Head was just nervous--how sad to start off your marriage mad at him! Poor Peanut Head.

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  30. LOL! Love the story and the pictures! My youngest thinks it's the kiss that makes you married!

  31. That is pretty funny! Chalk it up to nerves.
    We never got a real piece of our cake. We fed each other the traditional pieces, but then were so busy greeting people and dancing that we never ate another piece that night. And we got married in Chicago, lived in Utah at the time, so a friend of ours took the top of our cake to freeze for us but I have no idea what ever became of it. So sad.

  32. We didn't have a wedding cake because I'm not traditional or sentimental. ;) Actually - it was because it was outdoors and 116 degrees and we were pretty sure that anything we ordered, involving frosting, would likely melt into a puddle before the wedding march even began.
    We had individual size pound cake with whip cream and strawberries instead.
    I love that you ordered a smaller version of your wedding cake each year on your anniversary!! :)

  33. I don't think I ever gave the kiss a thought - before, during or after the ceremony.
    Wow - I really need to work on my sentimentality issues. ;)

  34. my husband kissed with tongue and i STILL die of embarassment just thinking about everyone watching. would've taken the peck