Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Aliens Are Coming and They Have Acne

Would you look at the acne on this egg? Normally I wouldn't notice such a thing, but I have a tendency to use the macro setting on my camera waaaaaay too much and it helps me to look at things in a whole new light

So, I had a lot going on this last week, as you may have noticed from the sparsity of postings here, and as a result the girls and I didn't get our Easter eggs dyed in a timely fashion. We did get them done though, so all is well.

We started out using this egg decorating kit. They look real pretty on the box don't they? Well the results were nothing like this, so I'm here to tell you, don't fall for the pretty box like I did.

First of all, the kids had to put on these plastic gloves which I'm sure were intended for Ginormica. They were hideously large, even on me. We gave the gloves about 20 seconds before we kicked them to the curb.

We were living dangerously and touching the dye with our bare hands. The idea was that you were supposed to suck up the dye with one of the little straws, drop it onto the egg, then gently roll the egg around in your hands to spread the dye.

Annika needed some practice with that gently part and there were casualties.

In the end, the dye just didn't distribute very well so we moved on to the next kit. I buy these things on clearance after Easter, so I had a couple to work with.

We had much better luck with the dye tablets, but this particular Dudley brand kit only came with three colors. How lame is that? Next time I'm reading the box first.

The fact that we did this project bare handed was a big deal. We have some OCD issues to work through in this house, and this little miss was freaking out when the dye wouldn't come off her hands afterwards. Oops.

Would you like some sand paper, Sweetie?


  1. They look so cute! My daughter freaked on her dyed hands too:-)

  2. everything is always so much prettier on the box! I can't wait until my little man is old enough to help with the eggs. my 9 yr. old neice helped me dye our eggs we had some intersting designs! LOL

  3. I had to LOL at the gloves for Ginormica!!

  4. Those were some big gloves!

    I think the gloves were a good idea - I had never seen any kits with gloves before. However, I wonder if they remembered that these kits were most likely for CHILDREN and didn't need to be so BIG. Sometimes I wonder if these companies actually test these products out or just slap a pretty picture on the box for any sucker to buy.