Monday, April 20, 2009

Altered Clipboards

Boy oh boy, have I been busy. Look at all these clipboards that I've altered. I have so many lists, that I need more clipboards to put them on.

Nah, not really. But I improved upon the clipboards that I've altered in the past, and I want to show you the new and improved way to do them. Well, new to me anyway.

The biggest improvement was that I kicked the spray adhesive to the curb and used Modge Podge for the adhesive part and the protection part and it worked great. I've found that the spray adhesive doesn't hold up very well long-term. Plus, Modge Podge is very forgiving. I ran out half way through this set of clipboards, so I went out and bought my biggest jar of Modge Podge yet.

See. It's like a Big Gulp. And there's even one bigger than this. I'm getting that one next time.

To alter my clipboards, the first thing I did was to paint around the edges on both sides, so that I could cut my paper a little smaller and avoid the whole sanding the edges step. Plus the paint gives the clipboard a more finished look. I got this great idea from Bizzy Bee Creations, after I finished my last batch of clipboards, and I had to smack myself upside the head for being such a bonehead.

After painting the edges of the clipboards, I chose two coordinating papers to cover each clipboard. I've found that the heavier weight printed paper works best and will hold up to the Modge Podge much better and without wrinkling.

I keep my clipboards pretty simple most of the time. I start by cutting the two papers the width of my clipboards. Then I shorten one and mark off the area to cut out where the clipboard hardware is.

Then I get out my Straight Trimmer and cut out that area. 

I tend to start a littler shorter and then keep slicing off strips until it fits perfectly. Sure, I could measure it, but then my topology handicap would rear its ugly head and make me sorry in the end. So I like to not measure and cut many times, which would probably make Bob Vila's head pop off and fly around the room.

Sorry Bob, I can't help myself.

See, it fits perfectly. And no sock pockets.

This is the back of the piece I'm going to adhere to the bottom front of my clipboard. I brushed a generous coat of Modge Podge over the back.

Then I slapped it down, smooshed it into position where I wanted it, then smoothed it out with my hands, being careful to flatten and expel any air bubbles. This was so much easier than using the spray adhesive, and not stinky at all. Modge Podge is very much like white glue in consistency, it looks like white glue, and it even smells like white glue. 

Here's the front of my clipboard with two patterned papers on it. I did the back of the clipboard as well, with the same two papers.

I didn't take pictures of the next steps (B-O-R-I-N-G), so I'll just tell you quickly what I did. I put two coats of Modge Podge on each side of the clipboard, making sure to allow enough time to completely dry between coats. This helps to protect the paper as well as give the clipboard a finish that can be easily cleaned.

Lastly, I tied bits of pretty ribbon willy nilly around the clipboard clip. You can use more or less. This project is an excellent way to rationalize buying more ribbon. Not that I needed to do that or anything. I'm just saying.


TA-DA! Now, I made most of these clipboards for thank you gifts, but two of them are for my bloggy friends. One of them is going to one of my five winners from this post, Beth N. from Oregon. Another one is going to one of my lucky readers in the next 26-1/2 hours. If you want to win one of these clipboards, leave a comment telling me which clipboard is your first choice and which one is your second choice. 

Here are the rest of the clipboards.








I'll randomly choose someone and announce the winner on Wednesday. You have until Tuesday evening, Midnight Pacific time to enter. Please make sure your e-mail address is attached to your Blogger profile, or leave me an e-mail address in your comment. Beth N. from Oregon, I need you to leave me a comment with your choices as well.

Good luck my Bloggy Friends!

For examples of masculine clipboards, go here.


  1. Mod Flower is my favorite and then Little Birdies. You did a great job on them, they are all adorable!

  2. So cute, I like the Little Birdies one. I think I might be able to make one of these! Just have to find that Modge Pod stuff...

  3. i love flower power and little birdies. fingers crossed.

  4. You are so darn creative! I love the little birdies and the paisley one is adorable too! OOOHHHH I hope I win!!!

  5. ok, so those are freakin adorable! when i win (ahem, i mean, "if" pickmepickme) my first choice is jungle (b/c it would go great with my little monkey and his jungle themed room) and my second choice is paisley.

    i heart modge podge!

  6. I was reading this with great interest thinking...I really think maybe I could make that...loved your instructions and helpful hints. How VERY awesome you are giving one away! If I happen to win...I would love, love, love the birdies followed closely by my second favorite...paisley (although they're all so stinkin' cute, anyone of them would be awesome!) = )


  7. are you kidding! I so wish we were neighbors, we'd get along really great I think!

    I like all the ones with flowers, the others are great too!

    (I am still trying to sort out a schedule that works for me re: the chore box.. the last couple weeks have been kind of emotionally out of sorts, so I haven't focus as much as I should, but I will, eventually! :) )

  8. Very super creative! i like the school one the best!!!

  9. Way cute!! They look fantastic!! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and love it. Thanks for the wonderful recipes you have posted! I think the birdies and the school clipboards are great! Thanks!


  10. Love your blog and your sense of humor! I would love to have the red and teal flowered one or the awesome jungle one. What a fun idea! Thanks for making me smile.

  11. These are great! I love the little birdies and the mod flower and... they are ALL so cute. I need to make some for teachers, thanks for the tutorial!

  12. I Love School and Numbers. In Fact I love them ALL. I wish I had just half of your talent.

    Also I have some questions for you about the scrapbooking software you use but I don't know how to reach you except through your blog comments. If you have time could your e-mail me? My e-addy is tmarnall at gmail dot com.

    Thanks, I really love your blog.


  13. Morning Jill! I like the Mod Flower one.

    Question. Where do you get all the clipboards from? Do you get them in masses for cheaper?

    Oh btw I will be posting soon about all the ribbon I am addicted to recently. It's a little scary!

  14. The Mod Flower one is my favorite! You are so creative...I am in awe!

  15. Hey neighbor, those are adorable! I love the paisley and the mod flowers...and I'm with you on the ribbon.....I love it for the sake of hoarding it and looking at it. I have a hard time actually using it! It's so purdy....


  16. I love the little birdies one and the red teal flower one. They are all so cute. Nice job!

    shaunasalon (at)

  17. - except that should be shaunasalmon (at) DUH moment this morning!

  18. So cute, as always! I keep thinking I need to make more of these. You can never have too many! It would be great to win one... then I wouldn't have to make it! My favs are little birdies and the red/teal flowers. I hope I win! See you Saturday! I'm excited!

  19. I wasn't going to do it because I keep all my lists electronically, but...

    Red teal flowers followed by the school one...

  20. Jill yet another cute and creative thing coming off your blog! I love this! Doe stopped by yesterday looking for josh and toni she is such a little adult, she seriously made me giggle. Josh and toni were outside and I asked if I could help her by being one of the people she polled and she looked at me and was like ummm I need josh and toni and their friends and walked away. Funny girl. Btw I like paisley and jungle :)

  21. Oops typo.... Zoe not doe my iPod likes to do auto correct on me and I didn't catch that one

  22. I love them all...So stinkin' cute!!!

  23. Bob Vila shmela... you're like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor! Just go for it ;-) I happen to like the stripes and dots and jungle. The stripes and dots are 2 of my favorite things mashed together in one space! Meal planning, diet tracking... all sorts of great uses. The jungle just reminds me of my kiddos and what fun I could have using that for them. My artsy fartsy daughter would love it. As usual you have done a great job and I am glad to have found your blog.

  24. How the heck is one supposed to choose???? They're all so cute!!

    Here are my faves:

    Flower Power
    Little Birdies
    Red/Teal Flowers


  25. Oooh.. thats a neat idea. I like the Paisley and the flower power. (

  26. Those are absolutely ADORABLE! I think I told you the same thing last time! Now just go ahead and pick me this time okay??? I like several of them but my favorite is the Little Birdies....CUTE!♥

  27. Oooo, adorable. I'm a newish reader who subscribed to your feed about a month ago. You make the neatest dang things. :-) Please enter me, I like Mod Flower and Flower Power.

  28. These are so cute! I love Flower Power and then Paisley...what a fun idea! Thanks!

  29. Brilliant! Way too cute to choose. I like Paisley and School. oh and Jungle.

  30. I love the JUNGLE one first. Then Flower power. I have mod podge but wasn't sure about putting it over paper to protect it? Had no clue that would work, was just using it under paper as a glue! Thanks for the heads up. Any idea if I can use modge podge over a photo to protect it? Let me know what you think. You can email me at:

  31. Sparkette,

    I got my clipboards from Wal Mart in the office supply section. They're 99 cents or something obscene like that. I think you can get them even cheaper in bulk at Sam's Club.

  32. I love the Red/Teal flowers, and I also like the paisly one. Either one would be great for our first daughter who is due in a few months.

    I will have so many to do lists once she is born :)

    thanks for the offer!


    Cathleenpmurphy at hotmail dot com

  33. Hi Jill,
    We were so excited to read your post this morning! We had a very hard time choosing which clipboard we liked best. They are all so cute!! We finally settled on Flower Power or Red/Teal Flowers. Thanks so much!

    We read your blog every day or almost every day. The girls especially like hearing about Zoe and Annika. We really want to come up your way this summer and go camping with you.

    It was fun seeing your wedding pictures the other day and telling the girls, "We were there!"
    Thanks again and have a great day!

  34. So cute!! I like Little birdies, numbers, school & jungle the best. But they are all great!

  35. Oh, I hope I win!!! I really enjoy your blog and all your fantastic tips. Thanks so much for all your efforts :)

    I like the flower power and the red/teal flowers.

  36. Way cute! I may have to try these out. Of course it would be SO much easier if I had one in my hands. Just to make sure I was doing it right! So I hope I win and my favorite one is Paisley with Flower Power coming in a close second.

  37. ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! I simply cannot believe the creative ways you jazz up every day (boring) things... I love the numbers one!
    Great job!

  38. I love them all! The school one speaks to me as a teacher who loves primary colors! I made some clipboards as gifts at Christmas, but didn't paint the edges...that is a great idea!

  39. WOW~
    Loooove 'em!
    Especially the Paisley! And the Little Birdies!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  40. I am NOT entering the contest because I just picked up a clipboard today to do this. I just wanted to let you know that I will be using your technique and yours are so freakin C-U-T-E!!

    As always, inspired by you,
    Aimee from Corvallis

    the Biggest Loser Video winner! luv it! 22lbs gone!!!

  41. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!
    My favorite is the FLOWER POWER but my second is the LITTLE BIRDIES.
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  42. These are darling! Flower Power first and then Red/Teal Flowers...hmm or maybe Little Birdies. Oh man I can't decided.

    I just discovered your blog recently when looking for organization ideas. Lots of ideas.

  43. Too cute!! I love the colors! My fav is the paisley and I really like the red teal flower!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. 45 comments! Do you have that many friends! OMG love the clipboards...I want one! Where do you get the time to do this stuff! I am jealous. I guess I have to wait till the kids are in school???? WOW love them, you are so talented!

  45. I have to do this to my kids clipboards!! Such a great idea. You are very talented!

  46. wow you are amazing--came across your page last week haven't been able to see it all yet. What do you do to relax or in your spare time? good luck on everything you do---my favorite clipboard is the birdie one I love the colors, the trees and of course the little birdies. how cute is that? Dang cute.

  47. Oh my! Are these ever adorable! I'm looking at 3 (5x7'size)clipboards right here in my computer room now. I'm going to try this. Look out, Michael's, here I come! How or where do you store your clipboards? Can you use any type of paper? Do you cover the back of the clipboard too? Can you use sheets of colorful wrapping paper and mod podge that to clipboard? It looks like you've used scrapbooking sheets, am I right? I got so excited to leave you a comment, that I didn't read all your article first. I could probably find the answeres to some of my questions there I'm sure.

  48. Did you mention what kind of paint you use for the sides of the clipboard? I see the other person's picture of her supplies but the bottle of paint is too small for my eyes to be able to read or identify. Why would you paint it if you're going to cover the entire front of clipboard? Duh! Did I miss something in the translation?

  49. Great tutorial. I planned to do this but apparently mine would have sucked since I wasn't going to follow 1/2 these steps :) THANKS!

    So glad you are the FB today!